Cargo Air Selects the AEI B737-300SF Conversion

Cargo Air Selects the AEI B737-300SF Conversion

Miami, Fla., --January 11, 2010-- Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI), is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Cargo Air of Bulgaria to provide one B737-300SF Passenger to Freighter Conversion.

The aircraft, a B737-300, MSN 23970 was built in 1987 and is scheduled to undergo freighter modification, DVDR 32 parameter upgrade and a dual FMS UNS1FW modification at AEI’s Authorized Conversion Center, Commercial Jet, Inc. which is located in Miami, Florida. The aircraft arrived in Miami and is scheduled for redelivery to Cargo Air in April 2010. This is the second 9 position B737-300SF Cargo Air has converted with AEI. About AEI Formed in 1958, Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI) is the oldest conversion company in existence today.

For more than 50 years AEI has provided advanced engineering solutions to aircraft owners and operators. Today the company is a global leader in passenger to freighter conversions for a wide array of aircraft, helping customers extend the life of the aircraft and increase the value of their asset. AEI has developed over 120 Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) and 350+ aircraft have been modified with AEI STCs – more than any other conversion provider.

Contact: Aeronautical Engineers, Inc.
Robert T. Convey Vice President Sales & Marketing

Mr. Petar Cenkov, General Manager of Cargo Air stated that “Our decision to convert a second B737-300SF with AEI was based upon two factors, AEI having become a Boeing Licensed STC Provider and its conversion design providing nine 88”x125” positions. This is the only conversion available that offers 9 full positions and our customers are willing to pay a premium for this additional space”.

AEI’s B737-300 shall provide Cargo Air with a Main Deck capable of carrying multiple ULD’s including:
-- 9ea 88”x125” ULD’s or
-- 9ea 88”x108” ULD’s or
-- A mixture of both

This unique flexibility has been designed by AEI to allow the operator to immediately adapt to multiple ULD configurations at a moment’s notice. When combined with proven reliability, the AEI Converted B737-300SF will allow Cargo Air to keep their aircraft where they belong “In the air, generating revenue”.