Renovation of the port’s low-water ro-ro dock follows the completion in 2016 of a two-year, $13 million rebuilding of the main dock at the Tulsa-Catoosa port.

Private investment in that area totals $50 billion — "with a B."

The long-depressed market for multipurpose vessel operators is starting to improve.

The new service will join a US Gulf-West Africa service that UAL has operated for 25 years.

The East Hope Group is a formidable aluminium producer, with some 150 subsidiaries and 24,000 employees.

The Port of Los Angeles is the US West Coast gateway for Chilean fruit.

With the rebuilding of Berth 9, Port Manatee has five berths that can handle loads of up to 1,000 pounds per square foot.

The collusion increased prices for the country’s growing auto industry between 2009 and 2012.

Heavy-lift specialist Mammoet has completed the lifting and positioning of the two largest units of an $8 billion Sasol ethane cracker and related plants that will add to exports of polyethylene resins from the US Gulf region.

“We can’t control the economy worldwide, but we can grow our market share in a down world economy.”