ARC Advisory Group names RedPrairie leading Warehouse Management provider in 11 categories

ARC Advisory Group names RedPrairie leading Warehouse Management provider in 11 categories

RedPrairie Corporation, a productivity solutions provider, has been named the top Warehouse Management solutions provider in 11 different categories by ARC Advisory group – more than any other organization cited. ARC’s Warehouse Management Systems Worldwide Outlook report for 2010 discussed the rankings, highlighting RedPrairie’s increased market share during an economic environment in which many WMS providers struggled.

“In 2009, RedPrairie gained a significant amount of market share,” says Steve Banker, ARC Advisory Group Director Supply Chain Management. “Historically they have been very strong in Food & Beverage and Household & Personal Care, but acquisitions have allowed them to expand their WMS sales strongly into retail.”
The report also highlighted RedPrairie’s acquisition of On-Demand WMS provider SmartTurn, while predicting revenues from SaaS or Hosted solutions will nearly double between 2009 and 2014.

“By using SmartTurn and implementing RF, RedPrairie customers gain virtually perfect inventory visibility,” says Banker.

Over the course of the report, RedPrairie was named:

  • Leading Supplier of Implementation Services
  • Leading Supplier in Europe, the Middle East & Africa
  • Leading Supplier to Tier 1 Customers
  • Leading Supplier to Tier 2 Customers
  • Leading Supplier of Core WMS
  • Leading Supplier of Labor Management Systems
  • Leading Supplier to Machinery Manufacturers
  • Leading Supplier to Food & Beverage Manufacturers
  • Leading Supplier to Household & Personal Care Manufacturers
  • Leading Supplier to Pharmaceutical & Biotech Manufacturers
  • Leading Supplier to Third-Party Logistics Providers

“Dynamics in the WMS market have shifted,” says RedPrairie CEO Mike Mayoras. “ARC’s report shows that our organization is a leader in more verticals than ever before. Our company gained a significant amount of market share in 2009, and our continuing strategy will fuel that trend in the months to come.”
ARC’s Warehouse Management Systems Worldwide Outlook report for 2010 can be accessed at

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