APM Terminals Rotterdam AEO Certified

APM Terminals Rotterdam AEO Certified

– The Terminal is first in the Port of Rotterdam to be designated.
– Shippers save 4-5 days in supply chain.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – As part of APM Terminals’ ongoing drive to set new standards in customer service throughout the Global Terminal Network, APM Terminals Rotterdam has become the latest terminal to have become AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certified.

Established as a means of assuring security in international trade, and in response to the creation of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) in the United States, AEO Certification, first proposed by the EU in 2005, went into effect on January 1st 2008. The purpose of the AEO initiative is to enhance EU customs authorities’ and certified businesses joint responsibilities for safe and secure cross-border transactions.

There are three categories of certification: Safety and Security, Customs simplification, and a combined certificate. Extensive audits and reviews during the application process certify that EU companies involved in the global supply chain (“economic operators”) are financially strong, in compliance with all customs, safety and security regulations and have proper management structure and procedures in place.

APM Terminals Rotterdam, one of the largest container terminals in Europe, with an annual throughput capacity of 2.7 million TEUs, worked closely with Dutch Customs for over a year, to inventory the processes of a major container terminal. The joint effort provided the Dutch Customs with a clear set of guidelines for future certification of large container terminals, as well as the AEO certification for APM Terminals Rotterdam.

“As part of the logistical chain, APM Terminals Rotterdam can be placed in the ‘Green Lane’ of AEO certified logistical links, allowing a smoother and faster service to our Customers,” explained Leo de Werker, Customs Specialist at APM Terminals Rotterdam. “In view of future developments of Customs”, he added, “such as the more horizontal supervision, meaning supervision on processes rather then on container level, and the expected automation of Customs processes, APM Terminals Rotterdam will provide a significant advantage for its customers. Use of this ‘Green Lane’ can lead up to 4-5 days, in the whole logistical process”.

For APM Terminals Rotterdam, AEO status will lead to smoother exchanges of information with Dutch Customs in operational processes preventing unnecessary delays. It will also allow for far-reaching automation of processes in the terminal, and will contribute to the implementation of new services, such as the extended gate concept or automatic de-blocking of containers.

“We are very proud to be the first container terminal in the Port of Rotterdam to have achieved the AEO certification”, said APM Terminals Rotterdam Managing Director Hans van Kerkhof.

Joining a select group of approximately 1,000 companies within the European Union, APM Terminals Zeebrugge was also AEO certified on July 29th, 2009.

APM Terminals Rotterdam

Established in 2000, APM Terminals Rotterdam has grown to be one of the largest container terminals in Europe with a throughput of 2.6 million TEU, serving the markets of The Netherlands, and the European hinterland as well as the British, Irish, Scandinavian and Baltic markets. The terminal employs over 700 professionals and runs a 24 hour operation.

Terminal Specifications

Terminal Size: 100 Hectares

Capacity: 2.7 Million TEU capacity

Berth length: 1,600 meter Quay

Water depth: 16 meters alongside

Ship to shore cranes: 13 Post panamax (23 container reach)

Barge crane: 1

Straddle carriers: 81

Empty handlers: 3

Boom lifts: 3

Truck heads: 2

Scissor lift: 1

Vehicle fleet: 28

Refrigerated plugs: 2250

Hours of operations: 24/7

About APM Terminals

– providing the port infrastructure to drive global commerce

APM Terminals operates a Global Terminal Network of 50 terminals with 19,000 employees in 34 countries that provide the port infrastructure essential to international transportation and global economic growth. The company is the independent port operator of the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group. The liner shipping industry, served by APM Terminals and other operators, carries $4.6 trillion worth of international trade - approximately one third of the total value of global commerce.

The company works closely with the international shipping community and national governments to reduce costs, deliver operational excellence and improve market access worldwide. Access to modern marine infrastructure drives local, regional and international market competitiveness and economic development. In 2007, the global shipping industry provided 4.2 million jobs worldwide, representing compensation of $27.2 billion, and accounted for $29.4 billion in capital investment, generating $183.3 billion to global GDP, according to a recent study commissioned by the World Shipping Council.

For logistics professionals, the Global Terminal Network plays an important role in supply chain management with location, capacity, flexibility and efficiency clearly linked to supply chain success and port-centric logistics.

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Hans van Kerkhof, Managing Director

APM Terminals Rotterdam B.V.

Maasvlakte - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Office phone: +31-181 372 400