Anthony B. Hatch, Veteran Railroad Industry Analyst, Joins AX-ION International Board Of Directors

Anthony B. Hatch, Veteran Railroad Industry Analyst, Joins AX-ION International Board Of Directors

NEW PROVIDENCE, N.J. December 9, 2010 – In a move that significantly rein-forces the company’s commitment to align its management and leadership with target-industry interests, Axion International (OTCBB: AXIH), producer of the world’s strongest recycled, composite plastic industrial building products and rail-road ties, announced today that veteran railroad and surface transportation in-dustry analyst, Anthony Hatch, has joined the company’s Board of Directors.

“Today’s announcement is another example of Axion’s firm resolve to more closely align the company’s leadership with the industries in which we are operat-ing,” stated Jim Kerstein, Axion’s Co-founder and CEO. “We are committed to securing individuals with expertise and experience in the areas where our busi-ness intersects with the future of our target industries. It is imperative at this stage in our growth that we build the strongest team possible to further our stra-tegic goals, and there is no better candidate for that role in the railroad industry than Tony Hatch.”

Commenting about his appointment to Axion’s Board, Hatch said, “In my years working in and analyzing the railroad industry, I have come across many tech-nologies that attempt to partner green-tech concepts with evolutionary applica-tions. My search for truly game-changing technologies has led me to Axion’s unique Recycled Structural Composite. It is among the best and most practical ‘go green’ applications for the railroad industry I have seen. I look forward to be-ing a part of the company’s Board and to helping identify avenues, both domestic and international, where Axion’s products will find their greatest traction.”

Mr. Hatch has been a senior transportation analyst on Wall Street for over twenty years, starting at Salomon Brothers and proceeding from there to Argus, Paine Webber and NatWest Markets (USA). He began his own independent consul-tancy in 1999. Mr. Hatch’s coverage focuses on the freight transportation seg-ment, particularly surface transportation. He is known throughout the industry for his knowledge of the intermodal arena, where the various modes of freight trans-port converge. Most recently Mr. Hatch has been providing not only traditional institutional research [and consulting services to major railroads] but also due dili-gence and other services to private equity and hedge funds, in such areas as rail maintenance and construction, railcars and third party logistics. Along with his frequent contributions to Progressive Railroading, a leading railroad industry pub-lication, he co-sponsors “RailTrends”, the most comprehensive railway industry conference held each Fall in New York City.

Axion is the industry leader in providing the construction and rail industry with high-grade infrastructure building material made entirely from recycled post-consumer plastic. Its patented Recycled Structural Composite (RSC), which can outperform any composite material it has been measured against, diverts millions of pounds of plastic from the nation’s waste stream. One of the company’s pri-mary products is a composite railroad tie that has received outstanding remarks by the Association of American Railroads at their test track in Pueblo, CO, surviv-ing intact and unchanged for more than 13 years. Axion also produces I-beams, pilings, bulkhead and cross beams. Its RSC products have been used to build bridges for the US Military capable of supporting 70+ ton M-1 tanks and 120+ ton railroad locomotives at Forts Bragg, NC, and Eustis, VA, respectively.

Developed in conjunction with Rutgers University’s Materials Sciences and Engi-neering Department, Axion’s RSC is inert and contains no toxic materials. It is impervious to insect infestation, will never leach toxic chemicals nor warp. Because it is lighter than traditional materials, transporting RSC is less expensive and reduces energy costs. In addition, RSC is completely recyclable at the end of its functional life.

About Axion International
Axion International is a leading structural solution provider of cost-effective alter-native infrastructure and building products. The Company’s "green" proprietary technologies allow for the development and manufacture of innovative structural products made from 100% recycled consumer and industrial plastics. Axion's up-cycled products are an economic and sustainable alternative to traditional build-ing materials such as wood, steel or concrete. Developed in collaboration with scientists at Rutgers University, Axion's patented technologies allow for products that are extremely strong, durable, flexible in design, and low maintenance.

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