Air Cargo

Traffic measured in revenue cargo tonne kilometers grew 6.3 percent.

Cargolux posted a sharply reduced profit and lower revenue in 2016.

Japan’s international air cargo trade will rise for the second successive year.

March was a good month for the Asian air cargo industry, with the recovering markets accelerating further on rising regional import-export activity.

Japan’s logistics companies are increasingly turning to India as the Chinese economy is losing steam and the Japanese economy expands only moderately.

The partnership was struck after more than a year of negotiations.

European airlines accounted for half of the increase in global air cargo traffic to a five-year high in 2016.

Forward Air has expanded its US Midwest-focused drayage footprint to the Southeast.

Freight volumes have surged 23 percent in the first two months of 2017.

BCOs are looking to air freight as an alternative to shipping cargo from North Europe to Asia as ocean space remains tight.