Adano Fruit Chooses Purfresh to Protect and Preserve Blueberries During Marine Transit

Adano Fruit Chooses Purfresh to Protect and Preserve Blueberries During Marine Transit

Fremont, Calif. —April 10, 2012—Purfresh, Inc., an innovator of active atmosphere and supply chain management technologies that optimize the quality of fresh produce as it moves around the world, today announced that Adano Fruits prefers Purfresh, over more traditional solutions, to protect and preserve its blueberries exported via ocean transit from Uruguay to Asia, Europe, and North America.

“Purfresh allows us to reach destinations with confidence that the high quality standards of our products will be maintained when the fruit reaches our customers,” said Mr. Alejandro Adano, director for Adano Fruits.

“As exporters of blueberries, controlling decay and maintaining shrivel during ocean transit is critical. Our customers are thrilled with the arrivals, and we will continue to utilize Purfresh for future shipments.” Blueberries are a valuable and sensitive commodity, and are subject to gray mold as well as the detrimental effects of small amounts of ambient ethylene during ocean transit. To help prevent shriveling, blueberries are stored in high humidity environments, which can increase mold growth. Previously, Adano Fruits leveraged gas-injection modified atmosphere systems to maintain fruit quality, which showed inconsistent performance in fruit firmness, lacked shrivel prevention, and as a result of the carbon dioxide, the berries demonstrated inconsistent flavor. As the only technology offering ripening control and decay reduction, along with maintaining a superior bloom, Purfresh is Adano Fruits’ preferred choice. “With Purfresh, exporters can control expenses, reduce losses, and build buyer loyalty with higher-quality produce,” said Mr. David Bouchard, general manager for Purfresh. “Purfresh helps sustain and increase revenue from each shipment by maintaining fruit quality and provides an economical method to ship fresh produce to worldwide destinations that were previously out of reach.”

To maximize efficacy, Purfresh easily integrates with the container’s refrigeration unit to precisely control and evenly distribute ozone throughout the cargo. Unlike other approaches—such as temperature recorders, traditional controlled atmosphere and modified atmosphere systems, and fungicides—Purfresh Transport provides full trip transparency along with active atmosphere enhancement to reduce decay, control ripening, and reduce food-borne pathogens.

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