ACS rushes aid to disaster affected areas

Air Charter Service has been heavily involved in getting aid to the victims of the recent disasters in Indonesia and the South Pacific Ocean.

An earthquake measuring 8.3 on the Richter Scale occurred just 100 miles off the coasts of both Samoa and American Samoa in the South Pacific causing a tsunami to crash against their shores. More than 100 people are known to have perished on the islands with many more still missing after the devastating tidal wave.

Less than 24 hours later an earthquake registering 7.9 hit just offshore of Padang in Sumatra, Indonesia. Claiming more than 1,000 lives, leaving hundreds of thousands homeless and with 3,000 still missing international aid was needed fast.

Air Charter Service, with a proud history in humanitarian relief efforts, was called into action by various aid agencies and governments across Europe and the World. Richard Thompson, senior cargo charter analyst said: “Having aided thousands that have been affected in previous disasters, ACS was well equipped to help rush the vital supplies out there. Amongst other necessary items, blankets, water kits, medical packs and tents were hurried to the affected areas.” Utilising aircraft such as IL-76s, aid was sent into Padang airport itself, Manila, and other airports nearby.

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