Ten years after its launch, online shipping marketplace uShip is pursuing both commercial freight and consumer shipments, expanding an innovative LTL spot market and partnering with eBay.




As much of North America thaws out from a brutal winter, the burning question in freight transportation is whether the heavy congestion experienced in many areas was solely a weather-related phenomenon or whether limits in transportation capacity are finally starting to be revealed.
In my 42-plus years in the industry, I’ve seen many variations of what we now call alliances — joint services, slot-charter arrangements, vessel-sharing agreements, alliances and now mega-alliances — and more no doubt will follow.

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bwyker1 said: RT @Szakonyi_JOC: 'Goods are no longer 'made in China’ or ‘made in the U.S.,’ but ‘made in the world,’”
Szakonyi_JOC said: RT @JosephBonney: Va. Gov. McAuliffe: APMT wants to sell Portsmouth terminal that port authority now leases. No comment from APMT. http://t…
Szakonyi_JOC said: 'Goods are no longer 'made in China’ or ‘made in the U.S.,’ but ‘made in the world,’”


Roger Guenther, executive director, Port of Houston Authority, discusses trade lane growth, specifically with Asia and South America, the renaissance in the energy sector, and planning for future expansions at the port.