Despite President Donald Trump’s aversion to multilateral agreements, TFA holds big benefits for US companies.

The TFA contains sweeping provisions for expediting the movement of goods, and for publishing up-to-date data about rules and regulations critical for speeding up trade facilitation.

The first quarter for Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific is looking good, at least from a cargo perspective, following strong air freight growth in January and February.

A "technical error" could cut $112 million from federal funding for truck safety enforcement programs, raising the risk of high-cost accidents.

Spot rates each week have declined in single-digit increments since peaking in mid January.

“Working together in a cartel ... does not fly with the Commission.”

SM Line is entering an already crowded market.

Nagoya is Japan’s third-largest container port for foreign trade and Yokkaichi is ninth.

This week Bahri opened a previously announced office in Houston’s “Energy Corridor.”

The two carriers had planned to close on the transaction by March 31.