Loaded container imports will increase substantially year-over-year in the first half.

Rickmers did not give financial details of the transaction.

The crane’s first lift was part of a large Caterpillar mining shovel.

The court ruled that the port must address several environmental issues before it can proceed.

The acquistion of the Evans Network of Companies, an intermodal operator, signals renewed interest in assets as well as technology.

Rotterdam maintains a significant lead over Antwerp.

Cross-border e-commerce will grow into a market worth nearly $1 trillion.

The number of imports shipped via a program to speed their movement through India’s largest port jumped from April to January.

Maersk Line managed to grab market share from its competitors during the brutal rate war of 2016, which could be useful as the carrier prepares to compete against the two new alliances from April 1.

China's tariffs on US DDGs is killing exports of this important containerized commodity.