The surgeon general of the United States urged the maritime industry to make a commitment to prevent

The U.S. Coast Guard barque Eagle is going down under in the fall of 1987, taking a crew of Coast Gu

Hanjin Container Lines Ltd. is close to reaching an agreement with the Port of Seattle for the South

Iraq said Wednesday that its jet fighters attacked two oil tankers in Iranian shipping lanes as part

The New Orleans Dock Board reduced its dockage fees for ships in port for repairs or lay-up, but por

Agriculture Department economists say cattle production may be ending its latest tailspin and that s

Farm land values continue to decline in virtually every part of the nation, threatening to intensify

The TransPacific Westbound Rate Agreement announced that it postponed implementation of a special op

Harry Truman's private, presidential yacht, the Williamsburg, went on sale last week along with Ciga

The U.S. aircraft carrier Forrestal was steaming toward the eastern Mediterranean Tuesday en route t