Hamburg was previously the second-largest container port in Europe.

More containerization in Russia would help cut transportation costs in the country.

Only 4 percent of JNPT’s imports handled by road move through the direct port delivery program.

Members of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism account for over 54 percent, by value, of what is imported into the United States.

Fuel surcharges, which dropped along with fuel prices in 2015 and 2016, are now rising again, putting more pressure on shipper budgets.

Political headwinds and fierce competition are challenging Port Everglades' gambit for more cargo from Asia and Mexico.

Aside from Hanjin Shipping, the Hanjin Group has a controlling share of Korean Air Lines, and its subsidiaries range from various logistics companies to universities.

The strong performance comes as flagship Mundra is wrapping up work to double container capacity.

The national carrier returned to profitability in the third fiscal quarter.

The plan follows an agreement between the Dubai-based company and Senegal in October 2015.