What do shippers and container lines really want, true collaboration that helps to solve problems, or to pay lip service that sounds good but has no bite?
No one disputes no-show containers are a major industry challenge. The question is, how can it get resolved?


Clearmetal Founder and Chief Executive Officer Adam Compain got together with JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett at the 16th TPM Conference to chat about the largest challenges facing ocean carriers when it comes to equipment positioning and repositioning and the hurdles created in this regard by the ever-growing complexity of supply chains.
Multiple calls by large vessels on certain days of the week, known as vessel bunching, are straining the equipment and labor resources at US ports and presenting a growing threat to productivity at container terminals.
The fee will further drive up surface transportation costs in Russia, where trucking rates are also set to jump.
A recent spike in the container spot market has given carriers improved pricing power, with shippers resigned to paying higher rates in their 2017 service contracts.
A container line's ships won't be empty if it goes under, making it harder still for shippers to see the signs they need to avoid disruption like that caused by Hanjin Shipping's insolvency.
The collapse of the seventh-largest global container line in terms of deployed capacity sends a clear message: All bets are off.
The fate of the Ocean Alliance had become uncertain in recent months after the US Federal Maritime Commission halted its review process to receive more information from alliance membners.
US maritime regulators gave the green light to the Ocean Alliance to take sail on US trades in April.

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