Hutchison said it continues to be impacted by ongoing structural consolidation within the container shipping industry and a consequent rationalization of services.

The campaign to organize workers nationwide across different transportation modes will give the Teamsters more leverage and ultimately cost shippers more, a US labor expert told

If the ban takes effect, US exporters of these commodities will lose access to the destination they shipped 77.8 percent of their products last year.

Clean-air update would result in estimated $7 billion to $14 billion in extra costs in Los Angeles-Long Beach while expanding even further the ports' leading emissions reductions among US ports.

The congestion appears to be worsening.

McCain first introduced a Jones Act repeal bill in 2010.

Pacific International Lines' traffic in US imports from Asia rose 67 percent year over year in the second quarter.

“The trade is doing much better than previously thought to be the case.”

APM Terminal (APMT) in the Port of New York and New Jersey says it will have mostly recovered from the cyber attack on Maersk by the end of the week.

Trade disputes are driving US exporters of dried distillers grains (DDGs) to overhaul their supply chains.