Investor interest in digitalizing the logistics process continues to grow.

The company sees overseas expansion increasingly important in the wake of the launch of the new alliances.

Most of the latest investment will be spent broadening the current focus on trans-Pacific routes to include other parts of the world.

The largest US trucking companies now are owned by large logistics operators looking to provide end-to-end services for shippers.

Regional shippers can pay considerably less than having their goods trucked to the rail hub of Chicago.

Climate change will mean shifting sourcing patterns, which will be a big challenge facing the cold supply chain, says Girish Nair, CN's director of multimodal innovation. 

Although the 2M Alliance will launch April 1, the HMM agreement will go into effect as soon as March 30.

Supply and demand are moving in the right direction for MPV operators.

The acquisition, announced Tuesday, must still pass muster with regulators in both the US and Mexico.

CN Keith Reardson at TPM 2017

CN reinvests approximately 20 percent of its revenue back in to its physical infrastructure, Vice President of Intermodal Keith Reardon said at TPM 2017.