How can the shipping industry reach a model where everyone can succeed?

World's largest retailer plans to build an $135 million import distribution center.

The report of deep losses comes as the Taiwanese government pressures the carrier to reform or face a considerable shakeup.

The new rules underscore a recent trend of greater government scrutiny of the pricing practices of the world’s leading ocean carriers.

Truck lines at all terminal gates stretched roughly four kilometers (2.5 miles) as of Wednesday morning.

Investor interest in digitalizing the logistics process continues to grow.

The company sees overseas expansion increasingly important in the wake of the launch of the new alliances.

Most of the latest investment will be spent broadening the current focus on trans-Pacific routes to include other parts of the world.

The largest US trucking companies now are owned by large logistics operators looking to provide end-to-end services for shippers.

Regional shippers can pay considerably less than having their goods trucked to the rail hub of Chicago.