NYK Volunteers Participate in Revitalization Activities in Area Devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Nov 22, 2013

NYK  Group  volunteers comprising current and former employees participated
in  a  series  of support activities during the months of September through
November to assist in the revitalization of the area devastated by the 2011
Great East Japan Earthquake and ensuing tsunami.

As  done  in  previous  volunteer  activities  by NYK Group members, the 59
participants  helped  revitalize  affected towns as part of community-based
urban  development to restructure communities and cultivate local products.
Moreover,   each  volunteer  gained  insight  into  the  current  state  of
reconstruction and the need for future support.

This  volunteer  program  sent out four groups on four separate missions in
the  cities  of  Kamaishi,  Rikuzentakata, and Ofunato in Iwate prefecture.
Each mission is indicated below and was determined based on community needs
at the time.

NYK will continue its efforts to support those in need to fulfill the
group’s commitment to remaining a socially responsible corporation.

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