Supply chain bottlenecks that have long been a drag on growth at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust are rapidly easing.

Outdated and poorly maintained rolling stock is causing Russia’s containerized rail system to operate below capacity.

Spanish dockers have threatened a fresh wave of strikes.

Revenue and profit both sank at Japan’s Sumitomo Warehouse Co.

The expansion will enable the terminal to add a fourth berth and boost the total terminal area by nearly 30 percent.

Long-haul truckload operator launches final-mile service using straight trucks, team drivers.

North American railways and trucking companies are in a bare-knuckle, low-margin fight for domestic intermodal cargo.

"We have seen growth spurts before that have fizzled out and regressed back to the downwards trend soon enough, although admittedly none in recent years have been close to the same magnitude.”

“The likely outcome of this situation, if not resolved, is liens and vessel arrests.”

Weakness in global commodity markets continue to weigh on Toll Logistics.