The Trump Presidency and What It Means for Freight Interests

The Trump Presidency and What It Means for Freight Interests

Shippers and transportation providers have been inundated by analysis of what a Trump administration will mean for containerized trade, the North American Free Trade Agreement, freight infrastructure and trucking regulation. On the day before the new president takes office, this webcast will look beyond the rhetoric and deliver clear guidance on what potential challenges the new administration faces in doubling down on freight infrastructure, resetting free trade deals — including NAFTA — repealing regulation, most notably in the trucking sector.

This webcast will deliver a crash course aimed at giving a clear-eyed understanding of what a Trump presidency will attempt to accomplish, what it might be able to accomplish and when, and how it all will impact freight stakeholders at home and abroad.

Moderator: Mark Szakonyi, Executive Editor,, IHS Maritime & Trade


Paul Bea, Principal, PHB Public Affairs 

Randy Mullett, Principal, Mullett Strategies


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Thursday, January 19, 2017 - 14:00