ON DEMAND FREE Webcast: Trends in Asia Trade Market

ON DEMAND FREE Webcast: Trends in Asia Trade Market

As the driver of global trade, the Asia-Pacific region has some of the largest container ports in the world, including the world’s three largest, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. It also has some of the strongest and most rapidly emerging economies, from the world’s manufacturing and export giant China to South Korea, the United States’ newest free trade partner. However, as emerging markets, they are inextricably linked to the largest consumer markets in the world: the U.S. and Europe. So when the economies in those two regions lag, Asia feels a major impact. That is the case now, with the U.S. economy creeping along with slow growth, and much of Europe stuck in a debt-driven recession. But the outlook is improving, especially for the second half of 2013, so some reason for optimism is returning for ocean carriers and shippers operating in the world’s two largest ocean shipping routes, the Asia-Europe and trans-Pacific.

This Webcast will examine the outlook for this critical trade region, the impact Europe’s financial crisis and the U.S. economy will have on Asia and what it all means for oceanborne and airborne trade and the carriers that handles it.


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Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 14:00