VMC – LAUNCH “enTIRE” Asset Tracking Software for the Container Terminal Markets

VMC – LAUNCH “enTIRE” Asset Tracking Software for the Container Terminal Markets

Australian based “Vehicle Management Corporation” has for the last 20 years been providing their cutting edge “enTIRE” asset tracking software. “enTIRE” asset management software tracks every aspect of tyres and wheel rims that are used on any type of heavy machinery. VMC have cornered the large global mining markets where their advanced software is deployed and which tracks in excess of half a billion dollars of tyres used collectively by their mining clients on an annual basis. VMC’s customer base is global with many clients successfully running the enTIRE application for over 15 years. These clients have achieved savings of around 30% by using the enTIRE application.

Mark Fernie, VMC’s Managing Director, wanted to partner with experts in the field of the maritime container terminal sector and appointed the services of Richard A. Butcher Sales Director for Invicta Management Services (IMS) a UK based maritime consulting company. IMS undertook a careful evaluation of the marine terminal sector and it was demonstrated that similar benefits and savings could help operators with their asset tracking of the tyres. Annual tyre expenditure by large and medium terminal operators can run into the millions of dollars, and with increased pressure to reduce costs and drive greater efficiency savings of up to 30% on an expensive consumable item such as tyres is certainly an area that container terminals could address. enTIRE monitors areas such as

  • Tyre life and performance
  • Measures the performance of tyre brands against purchase costs
  • Tracks operational issues reducing tyre life
  • Manages all stock inventory (by type, brand, warranties, etc)
  • Measures equipment downtime due to tyre issues
  • Rim performance and maintenance history
  • Tracks tyre air pressures
  • Reduction in equipment downtime

enTIRE can be delivered on a hosted “Software as a Service” model or implemented at a local level depending on the size and operation of the terminal operator. Its key features help speed the process of managing all aspects of the tyre and on a SAAS model will allow multiple terminals data to be centrally processed and analysed thus giving Corporate Management a better decision making tool on their global tyre utilization and highlight even greater savings across their operations.

With links to the latest TPMS “Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors” real time monitoring of tyre pressures can be automatically read and measured. The effects of monitoring can help in the following areas :

  • Increased tyre life
  • Improved fuel efficiencies
  • Reduction of potential accidents
  • Reduction of undue stress on machinery framework
  • Reduction of manual testing of tyre pressures on all wheeled equipment
  • Reduction of equipment downtime
  • Reduction in labour cost for checking every tyre pressure on a regular basis

The initial response from the terminal sector has been very positive and VMC willl be offering some very good incentives for terminals looking to be the early adopters of the application. For more information visit VMC’s website http://www.entire.net.au/index.html or contact Richard A Butcher at rbutcher@invictasolutions.com .