Vitran Express Did It First

Vitran Express Did It First

Copyright 2003, Traffic World, Inc.

Just took a look at your Sept. 15 edition and had to chuckle at the story on shipping guarantees ("Promises, Promises").

While I realize that Vitran Express is a small guy compared to FedEx, Con-Way and USF,, it''s flattering to see that they have chosen to finally follow our lead (somewhat) in the guaranteed service arena.

I recall the article in the April 5, 1999, edition of Traffic World where you interviewed Vitran Express'' President George Reid about our guarantee of 100 percent customer satisfaction. We really are the benchmark in terms of a real guarantee as we take it far beyond the "money back" game the other guys are playing.

What the others fail to realize is the fact that the guarantee says more about what type of culture you have as a service provider than how easy you make it to refund the customers'' money.

At Vitran, our entire culture and mission statement is built around taking care of the customer. We empower our sales associates, our customer service associates and our drivers to this end.

So as the big guys with their big marketing bucks fight over who''s first and who''s easiest to process a refund on their "money back guarantee," let''s set the record straight on who''s following whom when it comes to providing "complete customer satisfaction guaranteed." I''ll challenge them to step up to the plate on that level.

Tom Nagel

Vice President

of Sales & Marketing

Vitran Express, Indianapolis