JOC Uncharted: Episode 5

JOC Uncharted: Episode 5

The fifth episode of JOC Uncharted, available at 11 a.m. Eastern, features a one-on-one conversation with Inna Kuznetsova, CEO of 1010Data, where she shares how retailers are wrestling with the historic unpredictability of demand amid COVID-19’s ravaging effects on consumption. 

Following that, Neil Glynn, European transport equity research at Credit Suisse, and Nilesh Tiwary, manager at Drewry Maritime Financial Research, discuss the financial stability of container lines. 

Lastly, Peter Tirschwell explains how the threat of US port automation will impact the next round of US West Coast longshore labor negotiations.  For more information on all current and future episodes, please CLICK HERE.


JOC News Update 

0:13      Mark Szakonyi, Executive Editor, The Journal of Commerce and, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit 


One-On-One with Inna Kuznetsova 

2:44       Eric Johnson, Senior Editor, Technology, JOC, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit  

               Inna Kuznetsova, CEO, 1010Data 



23:49    JOC Uncharted: Next Week


Are Container Lines in Trouble or Riding High? 

24:18     Greg KnowlerSenior Editor, Europe, JOC, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit 

                 Neil Glynn, Managing Director and Head of European Transport Equity Research, Credit Suisse 

                Nilesh Tiwary, Manager, Drewry Maritime Financial Research  



49:37     Peter Tirschwell, Vice President, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit  


For information on all current and future episodes, please CLICK HERE.