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An emerging technology — electric-powered, self-driving trucks — can address the issues of driver shortages, increased trucking costs, and government regulations, creating new opportunities for truck fleet operators and logistics companies. 

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09 Dec 2022
Ryder System is joining the race to deploy more drop-and-hook trailer pools for shippers that need greater flexibility to reduce costs and counter supply chain disruption.
10 Nov 2022
The investigation by US authorities into whether Pitts Enterprises evaded duties on chassis may have serious ramifications for the South Carolina Ports Authority, which ordered 11,000 chassis from a Pitts subsidiary to launch its own pool next March.
28 Oct 2022
Growing use of equipment pools and power-only trucking support long-term demand for 53-foot trailers that transcends short-term economic trends, manufacturer Wabash says.
29 Sep 2022
While there are delays in the production of 53-foot chassis, a slowdown in domestic intermodal demand will likely bring supply and demand into balance in 2023, say domestic equipment providers.
16 Sep 2022
Equipment providers believe the chaos caused by two years of chassis shortages will end sometime next year as excessive street dwell times diminish and new domestic and foreign chassis manufacturers enter the US market.
12 Aug 2022
North American chassis manufacturers expect to fall well short of their production goals this year despite widespread equipment shortages that have exacerbated congestion in key ports and inland hubs.
30 May 2022
Expanded use of trailer pools will help ‘consolidate truckload services’ and speed goods more efficiently, but first trucking companies, brokers, and shippers need more trailers.
29 Apr 2022
Sponsored: At TPM22, President and CEO Dan Walsh discussed joining TRAC in mid-2020 and pursuing high levels of sustainability alongside productivity, with record investments to increase capacity, reduce out-of-stock units, upgrading units and retreading tires.
12 Apr 2022
Sponsored: Entering a second year of record intermodal demand, TRAC Intermodal President and CEO Dan Wal
01 Apr 2022
US Federal Maritime Commissioner Carl Bentzel said China’s dominance in container and chassis manufacturing is the direct result of the Communist government’s support for the sector.
04 Mar 2022
There will not be enough marine chassis produced to make a dent in the supply shortage until 2023 because of rising volume, longer street dwells, and supply chain slowdowns affecting manufacturers, panelists told TPM22.
02 Mar 2022
DCLI will order 40,000 domestic chassis to be delivered in 2022 and 2023, as more trucking companies and US retailers buy their own 53-foot containers to use on rail.
28 Feb 2022
A reconfigured chassis pool will launch in 2023 covering three Southeast US ports, aiming to replace an aging fleet with new and refurbished chassis containing the latest technology and safety features.
28 Jan 2022
Chassis have become more plentiful for international cargo in the inland rail ramps over the last three months, but the chassis supply is much tighter to haul domestic containers.
24 Jan 2022
Inflation, higher interest rates, and a gradual shift back to a more “normal” balance in consumer spending between goods and services will reduce import volumes in the second half of 2022, in turn relieving pressure on ports and inland supply chains.
04 Jan 2022
Stoughton Trailers, one of two major 53-foot chassis manufacturers in the US, will open a production line in Texas, the third plant the Wisconsin-based company devoted to building chassis.
29 Dec 2021
Although the US supply chain is in desperate need of more chassis, it will take a while longer before enough chassis are injected into the market to make a notable difference.
23 Dec 2021
Railroads and chassis providers will deploy more than 10,000 domestic chassis next year to reduce supply chain congestion, which in turn should lower demurrage fees.
22 Dec 2021
Shippers are paying demurrage to BNSF Railway in Dallas, Phoenix, and Stockton because there are not enough DCLI chassis to pick up 53-foot containers.
09 Dec 2021
Bills in the US Senate and House have been introduced to establish a gray chassis pool in Memphis as proponents also push the issue before regulators.
06 Dec 2021
NACPC, a trucker-owned chassis provider, is purchasing chassis manufacturer Pratt Industries, the first time a chassis provider has gotten directly involved in chassis production.
06 Dec 2021
Several factors are diminishing shipper expectations for new truck capacity in 2022, as Class 8 truck production and delivery dates are pushed out more than a year and backlogs build.
04 Nov 2021
While US chassis manufacturers have significantly ramped up production in the last six months, some marine and domestic chassis orders placed this year won’t be fulfilled into the second half of 2022.
26 Oct 2021
The ongoing semiconductor shortage is reducing deliveries of new trucks in North America and threatening the addition of much-needed capacity in 2022, and perhaps beyond.
15 Oct 2021
A flood of imports into the Pacific Northwest is boosting spot truckload rates out of Seattle as shippers facing delays and intermodal container shortages seek new routes for freight moving inland.
27 Sep 2021
Trucking equipment manufacturers are raking in new orders for trailers and tractors, but it may be well into 2022 before they roll off production lines ready to move freight.
22 Sep 2021
Chassis providers warn that only the easing of import volumes, and the resulting reversal of rising dwell times, will relieve tightness in equipment supply as production capacity is maxed out.
26 Aug 2021
US railroads have begun to control the number of containers leaving ports on trains per day to tailor volume to equipment and labor capacity, but some are skeptical this new strategy will resolve the crippling congestion in inland US markets.
08 Jul 2021
Port officials in Savannah, Jacksonville, and Wilmington, North Carolina, have signed a deal to maintain the South Atlantic Chassis Pool through 2028 on the condition the pool will grow and chassis quality will significantly improve.
18 Jun 2021
Chassis providers are struggling to provide equipment for ocean containers in the US Midwest and Pacific Northwest as shippers hold onto chassis excessively even more frequently than earlier this year, according to importers and TRAC Intermodal.
15 Jun 2021
Norfolk Southern Railway and Union Pacific Railroad are having trouble getting containers to shippers, in part because their supply of 53-foot chassis is very low.
07 Jun 2021
Top trucking and intermodal providers are raising penalties on shippers who do not promptly unload and return 53-foot trailers or containers.
20 May 2021
Although the Port of Charleston will be leaving the regional chassis pool in the Southeast, port officials in Savannah, Georgia; Jacksonville, Florida; and Wilmington, North Carolina, remain optimistic that they can upgrade the fleet with safer, modern equipment.
19 May 2021
An exodus of drayage drivers to the flatbed and dry van truckload sectors is further limiting already constrained capacity and equipment availability in key inland markets.
19 May 2021
US shippers and truckers are struggling to expand their trailer pools as demand for drop-and-hook trailer service rises and manufacturing backlogs stretch into 2022.