Landstar System

21 Apr 2022
US shippers’ need for truck capacity guarantees in a volatile market is pushing more freight away from the spot market to contract carriers, especially the largest fleets such as Knight-Swift.
06 Jun 2015
Landstar System revenue rose 8 percent in the first eight weeks of the second quarter, as the company revved capacity up to 2008 levels to handle strong freight demand and capitalize on higher rates.
24 Apr 2015
Large, diversified truckload carriers found detours around the "soft patch" in the U.S. economy during the first quarter, with most increasing revenue and profit. A lack of drivers may have held back some companies.
13 Mar 2015
Rising truckload freight demand lead Landstar System and Covenant Transportation to expand their available capa
04 Dec 2014
Landstar System on Wednesday narrowed its fourth quarter revenue forecast to the higher end of a range after seeing strong trucking demand in October and November, the latest sign of a steadily expanding U.S. economy pushing more freight into the arms of motor carriers.
13 Nov 2014
The third quarter was good to practically all the publicly owned U.S. trucking companies: none reported losses, and their combined revenue rose 10.7 percent to more than $10 billion, supported by a second quarter of stronger freight demand and economic growth.
21 Oct 2014
A summer of strong freight demand drove revenue up 8 percent at Werner Enterprises, which won "sustainable" rate increases from shippers and raised driver pay.
06 Oct 2014
Landstar System is preparing for a change in command next year, when James B. Gattoni, CFO since 2007 and president of Landstar since early this year, will succeed Henry H. Gerkens, CEO of the truckload operator since 2004 and for many years CFO as well.
03 Oct 2014
Rising industrial output is lifting the outlook for U.S. trucking companies, including Universal Truckload Services, which now expects $300 million to $310 million in third-quarter revenue.
10 Sep 2014
A fundamental improvement in the industrial U.S.
08 Sep 2014
Landstar System expects to post $3 billion in revenue this year as strong freight demand and tight truck capacity boost revenue by double-digit percentages in the early third quarter.
ABF Freight saw the biggest increase in profitability on the LTL side in the second quarter, 314.5 percent.
01 Sep 2014
A review of publicly owned trucking company earnings in the second quarter shows the strength of freight demand building up as the U.S. economy expanded, supporting growing expectations of a busier than typical peak shipping season in North America this fall.
Landstar System truck
24 Jul 2014
Landstar’s Henry Gerkens is among those rejecting the possibility of a big drop in freight demand as the third quarter winds down.
Weekly wrap-up for July 5, 2014
05 Jul 2014
Events on the U.S. West Coast dominated the news this past week, as the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association continued negotiations toward a new contract.
04 Jun 2014
Better than expected freight demand in April and May pushed revenue and profit higher at Landstar System.
Trucking dashboard
16 May 2014
The first quarter was warmer for trucking than you might think — at least financially.
11 Mar 2014
Tonnage is growing by double digits for Old Dominion Freight Line, rising 11.7 percent year-over-year in February after climbing 10.1 percent in January.
07 Mar 2014
Higher first quarter volume and revenue at Landstar System reflect rising freight demand and truck rates, despite and perhaps in part thanks to severe weather.
Landstar trailer
16 Dec 2013
After a rocky start to the fourth quarter in October, Landstar System shifted into higher gear in December, increasing truckload volume and revenue in tandem.
11 Dec 2013
XPO Logistics is strengthening its expedited business and its technology infrastructure by acquiring two supply-chain subsidiaries from Landstar System, NLM and A3i.
03 Sep 2013
Landstar System expects $680 million to $700 million in revenue in the third quarter, as underlying revenue trends improv
Landstar logo on a trailer
30 Jul 2013
Landstar System reported its profit in the second quarter of 2013 was $30.4 million, dropping 15.1 percent from $35.9 million in the second quarter of 2012.
30 May 2013
A weak market for industrial equipment is hurting the flatbed business of Landstar System, according to the trucking company’s chairman, president and CEO.
Landstar logo on trailer
30 May 2013
Changes to truck driver hours-of-service rules now just a month away will have little to no impact on Landstar System’s existing business, and may even bring the nation’s fourth-largest truckload carrier more freight, a top executive says.
Landstar trailer
05 Feb 2013
What's an extra week per quarter worth? To Landstar Systems, about $25 million to $30 million.
31 Jan 2013
North American trucking and transportation company Landstar System today reported its profit in the fourth quarter of 2012 was $34.0 million, increasing 4 percent from $32.6 million in the fourth quarter of 2011.
06 Dec 2012
Landstar System trucking revenue rose 4 percent year-over-year in October and headed higher in November, despite a “sluggish” economy, said Henry Gerkens, chairman, president and CEO of the $2.5 billion transportation company.
Celadon Group expects to beat Wall Street's earnings forecasts. Photo of Celadon truck.
08 Oct 2012
20 Sep 2012
The freight economy in the U.S. is slowing, and softer truckload shipment volumes and rising fuel costs are squeezing earnings at some of the largest U.S. transport operators.
31 Aug 2012
Landstar System on Thursday lowered its growth expectations for the third quarter to a mid-single-digit range, a potential sign of a slowing truck market.
06 Jun 2012
The U.S.
30 May 2012
Landstar System says truckload freight volumes are increasing and revenue rising about 10 percent in the second quarter despite a sometimes “choppy” economy.