Trac Intermodal

06 Oct 2020
DCLI is ending contracts with NVOCCs because it believes truckers are better partners in the merchant haulage business, but other chassis providers will not follow suit and plan to keep conducting business with everyone.
31 Oct 2014
The four companies that control about 95 percent of the chassis at Los Angeles-Long Beach agreed on Thursday to develop a neutral, or gray chassis pool for the largest port complex in the Americas, with the phased rollout to begin on Feb. 1, 2015.
16 Jul 2014
TRAC Intermodal has launched a program to add or refurbish several thousand chassis in its Metropool, the largest chassis pool in the Port of New York and New Jersey.
12 Mar 2014
TRAC Intermodal’s planned move into drayage is the first step in the company’s effort to expand its portfolio to provide “a broad suite of logistics services,” CEO Keith Lovetro said.
03 Mar 2014
TRAC Intermodal, the United States’ largest provider of intermodal chassis, plans to extend its services into drayage, said CEO Keith Lovetro.
09 Sep 2013
Hamburg Süd will implement a revised policy on chassis provision in the Charleston, S.C.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Savannah, Ga.; and Atlanta areas, effective Oct. 1.
12 Jul 2013
TRAC Intermodal has begun providing truckers with premium rentals of marine chassis equipped with radial tires, automatic pneumatic airing systems, LED lighting, ABS braking, GPS tracking and other features.
Ocean carriers are accelerating their retreat from providing free intermodal chassis
17 Oct 2012
Ocean carriers are accelerating their retreat from providing free intermodal chassis, and truckers are moving to take a b
08 Oct 2012
A motor carrier has purchased more than 1,500 intermodal chassis from OOCL (USA) and will put them into Consolidated Chas
09 Aug 2011
Trac Intermodal said it will expand its new damage-waiver program for leased chassis to New York-New Jersey and Baltimore on Sept. 1, and nationwide by year’s end.
28 Jul 2011
Truckers that dray containers to and from many of the ocean terminals in the Port of New York and New Jersey say there aren’t enough chassis available in the ocean carriers’ chassis pool t
21 Jul 2011
Trac Intermodal, which leases or rents 245,000 marine and domestic chassis to motor carriers throughout North America, is testing a program that includes the cost of maintenance and repair in its dail
01 Jul 2011
NYK Line is extending its plan to phase out chassis services, dropping the equipment provision in Oakland and Minneapolis for import and export merchant haulage bills of lading.
09 Mar 2011
Ship lines, truckers, leasing companies and other interests are still trying to decide how to fill the void left by ocean carriers that are ending their practice of providing U.S.
24 Jan 2011
Hamburg Sud North America, joining the push by ocean carrier to narrow equipment services, said Monday it will stop providing chassis to shippers moving containers with merchant's haulage through Phil
12 Jan 2011
TRAC Intermodal extended its web-based TRAC Connect program to the South Atlantic.
12 Nov 2010
TRAC Intermodal on Dec. 1 will open its West Coast Metro Pool in Oakland and Los Angeles, leasing chassis to harbor trucking companies and ocean carriers on a short and medium-term basis.