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If you’re keeping up with the news on self-driving vehicles, you’d be forgiven for being confused whether their arrival is right around the corner or years away. Looking closely at the technology, we can see that both views are correct, and it will have wide-ranging implications for freight brokers.

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19 May 2016
Container lines and U.S. ports have asked the U.S. maritime regulator for permission to get together to craft a common strategy for dealing with SOLAS.
Direct ChassisLink Inc.
12 May 2016
One of the big three providers of U.S. marine chassis is being sold to a new owner.
18 Apr 2016
Jeremy Haycock, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, DCLI, chats with JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett at TPM 2016 about changes within the marine chassis industry over last two years as steamship lines have stepped back, changing long-established practices and forcing stakeholders to adjust to a new reality.
15 Apr 2016
JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett and Senior Vice President and COO of DCLI Ron Joseph sat down with each other at TPM 2016 to chat about the importance of chassis pools in the Los Angeles-Long Beach complex and how chassis providers use data to maximize productivity.
08 Apr 2016
International Longshoremen’s Association leader Dennis Daggett said the ILA isn’t to blame for delays in launching a universal port chassis pool at the Port of New York and New Jersey, and that intermodal equipment providers don’t seem committed to the idea.
07 Apr 2016
A proposed universal chassis pool at the Port of New York and New Jersey is dead in the water, but chassis lessors haven’t given up on the idea, an executive at one of the leasing companies told truckers Thursday.
05 Apr 2016
Intermodal equipment providers are in the early stages of using GPS technology to track their chassis in seaport and inland locations, and if the return on investment is adequate, IEPs anticipate greater use of the technology.
01 Apr 2016
The North American Chassis Pool Cooperative has partnered with Asset Intelligence to deploy a chassis tracking tool designed to improve fleet utilization, enhance billing accuracy and reduce fleet maintenance costs.
30 Mar 2016
TRAC Intermodal, the largest U.S. chassis lessor, has canceled plans for a $485 million bond offering that would have been used mainly to pay a cash dividend to owner Fortress Investment Group.
chassis piled at port
29 Mar 2016
United Arab Shipping Co. has appointed TRAC Intermodal as the carrier’s sole chassis provider in the United States. Stuart Sandlin, president of UASC North America, said using a single chassis provider will benefit customers and make UASC more competitive in quoting carrier haulage rates under which the ship line arranges inland transportation.