05 Nov 2020
An ‘insatiable demand’ for truck capacity and a US loan are helping LTL operator YRC Worldwide expand capacity and intermodal services in the Central-South.
23 Apr 2013
The Teamsters union on Tuesday approved YRC Freight's plan to close 29 terminals and change how freight flows through the
YRC Freight truck
17 Apr 2013
YRC Worldwide and its mechanics may have dodged a bullet by reaching a tentative contract agreement and avoiding a potentially costly and disruptive lockout.
12 Apr 2013
YRC Worldwide plans to lock out a small group of mechanics represented by a machinists' union that so far has refused to accept wage and benefit concessions agreed to by Teamsters employees as early as 2009.
YRC truck.
29 Mar 2013
The Teamsters union will meet with representatives of YRC Freight April 19 to discuss the trucking giant's plans to restructure its terminal network.
YRC Freight truck
28 Mar 2013
YRC Freight is smaller today than either of its predecessor carriers — Yellow Freight and Roadway — but still not small enough.
Con-way truck.
20 Mar 2013
Winter storms, new technology and other expected and unexpected costs may carve $14 million from Con-way Freight's first quarter earnings, but the less-than-truckload trucking company said yield, a measure of pricing, is rising, despite lower tonnage levels. Con-way also reported progress on initiatives designed to improve pricing and optimize its LTL network.
12 Mar 2013
YRC Freight has mailed a proposal for a new set of network improvements to Teamsters union leadership.
11 Mar 2013
The 10 less-than-truckload carriers with more than $1 billion in annual revenue increased combined sales 4.3 percent in 2012 to $23.2 billion.
28 Feb 2013
YRC Freight has completed its agreement with Clean Energy Fuels to purchase four liquefied natural gas trucks that will serve the Port of Long Beach and other surrounding areas.
04 Jan 2013
From labor battles to natural disasters, 2012 was filled with risk for shippers and the companies moving and managing their cargo. Here are the stories that defined the year.
05 Nov 2012
Hurricane Sandy’s storm surge sent ripples through supply chains and trucking networks far beyond the enormous damage it caused along the East Coast, said YRC Worldwide CEO James Welch.
08 Oct 2012
The less-than-truckload industry is moving faster, even as the economic engine slows, with the largest industry giants and regional players alike re-engineering networks to deliver freight more quickly for shippers and consignees.
14 Sep 2012
The timing and health of shipping peak season is as murky on the rails and roads as it is on the water.
07 Sep 2012
Maynard F. Skarka is returning to YRC Worldwide as chief operations officer of national less-than-truckload carrier YRC Freight.
03 Aug 2012
It’s been a long time since “YRC Worldwide” and “profit” could be mentioned in the same breath.
30 Jul 2012
A year ago, plenty of people were willing to bet James Welch wouldn’t be where he is today: in the CEO’s office at YRC Worldwide. It’s time to pay up.
27 Jul 2012
James Welch is moving into his second year as CEO of YRC Worldwide with plans to use technology to optimize the struggling company’s trucking operations.
23 Jul 2012
Old Dominion Freight Line will raise its tariff base rates 4.9 percent Aug. 6, joining several less-than-truckload competitors that raised rates in June and July.
22 Jun 2012
YRC Freight plans to raise base rates 6.9 percent on average, matching rate increases announced by several compe
19 Jun 2012
YRC Freight said it has cut at least one day of delivery time on hundreds of its North American supply chain lanes through the streamlining of its less-than-truckload network.
28 May 2012
16 Apr 2012
YRC Freight streamlined its nationwide network last week, implementing changes to reduce freight handling and focus the $3.2 billion less-than-truckload carrier squarely on two- to five-day long-haul
10 Apr 2012
YRC Freight implemented two changes of operations over the April 7 weekend, reconfiguring its terminal network to speed freight and reduce handling.
09 Apr 2012
Journal of Commerce Senior Editor William B. Cassidy interviewed the presidents of YRC Worldwide’s four less-than-truckload operating companies Feb.
05 Apr 2012
YRC Worldwide received “multiple bids” for more than 60 facilities put up for sale via a sealed-bid auction and is analyzing those offers, a company spokesperson said.
26 Mar 2012
When a news headline last week declared YRC Worldwide was “back at (the) brink” of the default and bankruptcy filing it narrowly avoided in late 2009, nerves quickly frayed at the long-tro
26 Mar 2012
When he arrived in Overland Park, Kan., last July, James Welch began his plan to restart YRC Worldwide by cleaning house at the holding company, starting at the top.
23 Mar 2012
Journal of Commerce Senior Editor William B. Cassidy interviewed YRC Worldwide CEO James P.
19 Mar 2012
YRC Worldwide Chief Accounting Officer Paul F.
06 Mar 2012
The less-than-truckload transportation industry grew 11.6 percent in 2011, pushing total U.S. LTL revenue past $30 billion for the first time since the recession.
06 Feb 2012
Deciding it is what it hauls, YRC Worldwide is rebranding its largest less-than-truckload operating subsidiary YRC as YRC Freight. The name change is more than cosmetic.
06 Feb 2012
YRC Worldwide is changing more than the name of its long-haul less-than-truckload subsidiary.
16 Jan 2012
YRC is going back to the Teamsters as the trucking company tries to match a financial restructuring with an overhaul of its operations that includes a tighter network and more efficient freight handli
07 Jan 2012
YRC, looking to restructure its operations as the trucking operator seeks to rebuild its finances, is preparing for talks with the Teamsters union on a redesign of its freight terminal network and how
14 Nov 2011
Four months after James Welch rejoined YRC Worldwide as CEO, the scope of his plans for the ailing trucking giant is becoming clearer.