Drayage is the retrieval of shipping containers from ports and hauling them to inland locations such as rail heads, distribution centers, or stores. It is one of the most important, yet fraught, parts of the supply chain.

Many ports in the US struggle to position chassis efficiently, and chassis shortages are a key contributor to port congestion. The issue of chassis maintenance and repair is also a sticking point in employer negotiations with longshore labor unions.


Throwing more money at infrastructure, additional assets, and increasing freight rates won’t solve one of the industry’s biggest cost factors - the management of empty containers. There’s a better way.

News & Analysis

A Union Pacific rail yard.
23 Jan 2019
The gridlock is another example of how a small piece of equipment can cause havoc to the supply chain.
A truck travels in California, United States.
23 Jan 2019
The hefty capital injection for NEXT, announced Wednesday, places it among the biggest individual raisers of capital in the most recent wave of logistics technology startups.
Chassis at the Port of Los Angeles.
22 Jan 2019
An unpredictable influx of tariff-related freight has constricted chassis supply, emphasizing the need for new solutions.
22 Jan 2019
Trucking logistics stakeholders are debating: do ocean carriers really incur an operating expense per street turn, or is it an excuse?
A truck travels in the United States.
21 Jan 2019
The 2019 regulatory schedule isn’t clear, but what is clear is that there will be many more hours of debate over truck driver hours of service.
A train travels in California, United States.
21 Jan 2019
The intermodal sector enters 2019 with cautious optimism amid adequate US economic growth; however, factors point toward more-competitive conditions.
Union Pacific rail yard, Nebraska, United States.
18 Jan 2019
The summer/autumn beat-the-tariff front-loading of imports to West Coast ports is now spreading inland.
Infographic: New US chassis model emerges
18 Jan 2019
There are two popular operating models for running a chassis pool, but truckers want to create a third version they believe will improve cargo deliveries.
Port of Los Angeles.
17 Jan 2019
The cause of the extreme gridlock at Los Angeles-Long Beach is manifold.
Chassis stacked.
16 Jan 2019
Chassis are one piece of the puzzle, and all parts must fit together in sync for the supply chain to remain smooth in the future.
A double-stack train with truck trailers travels in the United States.
16 Jan 2019
The history of and the battle between trailers and containers parallels the history of US transportation.
Chassis stacked.
11 Jan 2019
Chassis supplies are low at the Port of New York and New Jersey due to high cargo volumes and chassis dwell times.
A truck at port's container transfer area.
11 Jan 2019
At least two ocean carriers will initiate US street-turn fees next month to reduce administrative costs for this measure; truckers and BCOs say it will increase supply chain costs.
Logistics technology and global trade.
11 Jan 2019
A host of technology providers in the North American surface transportation space have released tools to access previously hidden capacity.
Truck chassis.
10 Jan 2019
IANA believes its educational guide can become a standard textbook for the chassis industry.
Trucks at the Port of New York and New Jersey.
09 Jan 2019
Truckers and shippers complain that it’s taken weeks to get containerized imports.
Containers stacked at a depot / storage center.
08 Jan 2019
A space shortage from high tariff-threat-induced volume has prompted shippers and 3PLs to seek alternative, nearby container space.
Infographic: Projects boost truck fluidity at NY-NJ port
07 Jan 2019
A passel of newly finished and ongoing projects aim to smooth the trucking of cargo in the Northeast US.
Port of Vancouver.
07 Jan 2019
Excessive rail dwell times continue to be a problem.
Port of Los Angeles.
04 Jan 2019
A ‘perfect storm’ of factors combined so far this winter to create the LA-LB backlog.
The Port of New York and New Jersey.
03 Jan 2019
The extended gates, intended to clear a short-term logjam, come amid an ongoing debate among port stakeholders about whether the terminals should open for longer hours to improve cargo fluidity.
Containers at Chittagong port.
21 Dec 2018
With annual handling volume increasing substantially, Chittagong faces yard congestion throughout the year.
A truck with cargo at the Port of Los Angeles.
20 Dec 2018
As the initial experience indicates, North American port extended gates adoption, despite increasing container volume and truck congestion, is coming in fits and starts.
Trucks at a port.
20 Dec 2018
A reservation system is one tool to improve fluidity, according to port officials, but the trucking community believes restricting access is a step in the wrong direction.
Containers stacked at the Port of Long Beach.
19 Dec 2018
The Los Angeles and Long Beach executive directors promised shippers and truckers they would deliver several action items within six months to relieve mounting congestion.
Containers stacked at a port.
14 Dec 2018
One shipping-trade group representing foreign carriers in trade to/from India, questioned why authorities went live with the revamped, single window system without an adequate trial-run process.
Trucks at the Port of Los Angeles.
14 Dec 2018
“We use the data to make efficiencies happen,” Weston LaBar, CEO of the Harbor Trucking Association, told the JOC Port Performance North America Conference this week in Newark, New Jersey.
Port of Montreal.
13 Dec 2018
Montreal’s extended gate hours have improved fluidity since their introduction in September. Now, amid rising volume and construction, among other factors, port officials would like to see the off-hours cargo pickup continue to trend higher to further decease congestion.
Trucks travel in the United States.
13 Dec 2018
The electronic logging device transition period has passed and the trucking industry has found a new normal. On the rails, intermodal volume has grown each week, year over year, except week one. What do the aforementioned mean for rates and capacity for each?
Port of Antwerp.
13 Dec 2018
Among other findings, the McKinsey report provided further evidence supporting the thesis that automation technology incorporation in container shipping, and in particular at marine terminals, will likely be part science and part art.
Trucks delivering and picking up containers at a port
13 Dec 2018
There is almost assuredly no one system that will solve inefficiencies, especially in a large port complex with a dozen independently operated terminals like Southern California, speakers at the JOC Port Performance North American Conference in Newark, New Jersey, said this week.
Union Pacific Railroad.
12 Dec 2018
Shippers will have to scramble after Union Pacific Railroad and Norfolk Southern Railway announced the elimination of more than 425 domestic and nearly 100 international origin-and-destination interline pairs in multiple phases.
Containers stacked at a port.
12 Dec 2018
“PCS 1X is a cloud-based, new-generation technology, with a user-friendly interface. This system seamlessly integrates eight new stakeholders, besides the 19 existing stakeholders from the maritime, trade on a single platform,” a Ministry of Shipping statement said.
Virginia International Gateway.
10 Dec 2018
Virginia officials are working through teething problems — including unused booked appointments — as the port strives to boost fluidity.
A Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) meeting.
07 Dec 2018
The Federal Maritime Commission stopped short of any regulatory action on detention and demurrage. Instead, a task force would meet to “refine commercially viable demurrage and detention approaches.” There were several findings, however, which validated cargo owner concerns and provide reasons to be optimistic that teams of stakeholders will be able to find resolutions.