Toll re-brands in China with impressive nationwide contract logistics and distribution network

Toll re-brands in China with impressive nationwide contract logistics and distribution network

  • The 122 year old Toll Group completes acquisition of joint-venture partner, ST-Anda, to launch its own brand into the China market
  • Toll’s Greater China regional headquarters for contract logistics is in Shanghai
  • ST-Anda has now become part of Toll Global Logistics with existing in-country owned facilities and equipment covering a range of sectors including the retail and consumer market
  • Customers are offered value-added services including the opportunity to leverage
  • Toll’s strong regional and global network for their imports and exports

Shanghai, CHINA, 16th August 2010 – Toll Group, the Asian region's leading provider of integrated logistics services, launched its fully owned and operated contract logistics operations in China after its integration into the Toll Global Logistics division.

Toll has had operations in China through its controlling interest in joint venture partner ST Anda since 1996. The Group completed its acquisition of the joint venture earlier this year, and now fully operates a network of 23 logistics facilities with over 20 distribution centres, delivering to more than 1,600 cities across the country. Toll Global Logistics will have its Greater China regional headquarters in Shanghai.

Through its comprehensive China distribution network, Toll provides a range of transportation and contract logistics services to both local and multinational companies, harnessing its global capabilities across a diverse range of sectors including industrial, hi-tech, chemical, healthcare, and Toll’s strong presence in the retail and consumer market segment.

“We are delighted to have completed the integration of ST-Anda and to strengthen Toll’s network in China. China is one of the world’s most important growth engines and demand for consumer products domestically and internationally is an important part of that expansion,” said Paul Little, Managing Director, Toll Group.

Toll’s customers in China will also be able to leverage the company’s global network spanning Asia Pacific, US, Middle East, Africa and Europe. As an Asia Pacific based company with 122 years of operating experience here, Toll is uniquely positioned to offer regional solutions to our customers’ needs.

“The Asia Pacific is our home market and we believe we have important value to add to our regional customers as a result,” Mr Little said.

“Toll will invest in providing our customers with a comprehensive range of logistics services within China. Our customers will also have the value-added benefit of being able to leverage opportunities from Toll’s growing regional and global network for their imports and exports,” said Wayne Hunt, CEO/ President, Toll Global Logistics.

About Toll Group
The Toll Group was founded in Australia in 1888 by Albert F. Toll as a coal haulage business, using horse and cart transport. The business was the subject of a management buyout in 1986, and now generates annual revenue of over A$6.5 billion. Toll was listed on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) in 1993, and now employs around 40,000 staff in 55 countries. Toll’s capabilities include the provision of fully integrated end-to-end logistics solutions, incorporating the critical components of operational expertise, scale, diversity of services, asset ownership and technology solutions.