Xenerta-Logistic Providers

Oslo, Norway-based Xeneta provides a software platform that enables shippers and suppliers to access real-time data about changing ocean and freight markets, so they can analyze spot market prices and long-term contracts before negotiate with their suppliers.

Xeneta users benchmark their rates by downloading them onto the Xeneta platform and seeing how they compare with real-time market rates. They can use this data to do a complete analysis of ocean spot versus long-term contracted rates, and study ocean freight market intelligence for 20’, 40’, and 40’ HC (high cube) containers; 20’ and 40’ reefer containers, and tank containers. They can also gain access to customized dashboard widgets and filtered indices with advanced visualized charts.

Overall, the goal of Xeneta is to minimize users’ risk of business performance by providing them with a robust platform drivers efficiencies by using a single source of truth, based on market-rate data intelligence. They can improve their analysis of their performance relative to the market, budget and forecast their costs, and foster mutually beneficial relationships with their suppliers. This sort of data-driven approach not only makes it easier for Xeneta’s users to improve communications with all of the stakeholders in their supply chains, says the company.

26 Aug 2021
Rate increases on the Trans-Pacific vary because of what benchmarking platform Xeneta described as a “whole series of different markets” for different shippers.
17 Jun 2021
Record-high container freight rates are underscoring the need for shippers to be able to benchmark against peers, a factor in Oslo-based technology provider Xeneta nabbing a new round of venture capital Thursday.
14 Nov 2019
"There's a growing appetite to re-evaluate the buying-selling relationship," in freight contracting, says
Portrix tie-up advances Xeneta’s forwarding software integration
07 Oct 2019
The contract rate benchmarking platform Xeneta has tied up another integration with a freight forwarding software provider following its first such partnership in June, signaling that its data is most effective when piped into a system that contextualizes it.
30 Sep 2019
The convergence of contract and spot rates for ocean freight and the increased availability of instant digital quoting tools is pushing more cargo to the spot market and changing shipper negotiation strategies for long-term contracts.
Catapult provides software to forwarders that helps them manage their ocean freight contracts and quote more quickly and accurately to shippers.
25 Jul 2019
Software partnerships are expanding the appeal of core systems like electronic rate management, symbolized by Catapult’s collaboration with Xeneta helping it to land BDP
Crowd-sourced rate benchmarking platform Xeneta has made deep inroads in the BCO market, but an integration with rate management software provider Catapult could expose it more widely to forwarders.
13 Jun 2019
The freight rate management software provider Catapult will directly integrate Xeneta contract rate benchmarking data to help forwarders and NVOs determine if their contract rates are competitive.
Port of Oakland.
27 Jun 2018
Shippers have long pushed back against index-linked contracts, due to low rates from chronic overcapacity, but the methodology at the core of Xeneta’s new index might satisfy shippers — as well as solve several business operation problems.