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Based in Marseilles, France, Traxens hopes to transform the industrial supply chain by delivering the added-value data, analytics, and expertise that organizations need to acquire complete visibility into their assets anywhere in the world. Traxens continuously produces, collects, qualifies, enriches, and certifies such data. Its technology automatically detects transport modes, calculates mileage and computes carbon dioxide emissions with global high-precision geolocation tools. Supply chain stakeholders can create their own areas of interest and geofence them in order to more accurately predict arrival dates and times.

Traxens’ shock detention technology detects shocks on containers and assesses their severity through a ‘shock algorithm.’ Shippers are alerted to container openings during each cargo. Technology monitors cargo remotely, and measures environmental data such as temperature and humidity inside the asset that is being shipped.

Traxens’ technologies address the key challenges in the shipping industry faced by both asset owners and cargo owners. With the support of telematics, asset owners can control costs and develop more agile ways to solve business problems, while cargo owners can more easily keep track of their containers, and enhance their decision-making capabilities. In the reefer industry, Traxens offers a comprehensive solution, comprising the company’s Reefer Fleet Management and Reefer Door-to-door Monitoring cloud-based applications via the Traxens-Hub, which collects data from TraxensBox devices installed on containers. In the railroad industry, Traxens’ patented cargo-tracking IoT (Internet of Things) system provides comprehensive, precise and timely data about cargo by tracking railroad cars in transit. In cooperation with France’s SNCF Logistics, Traxens has developed the Digital Freight Train by turning conventional wagons into intelligent wagons that analyze data about geolocation, arrival notifications, consignment transport conditions and status monitoring, predictive maintenance and more. Traxens’ tools can accelerate customs clearance, reduce damage and demurrage costs, improve cash flow, and enable new, value-added services that increase shippers’ competitive advantages.

08 Feb 2022
Traxens has received a cash infusion from its existing investors, a shot in the arm that enabled the Marseilles-based container tracking provider to acquire French competitor NEXT4.
A host of sensor hardware developers are making products for the container shipping industry designed to provide better location and condition data of ocean-borne goods, but shippers need data from the systems to be interoperable.
03 Oct 2019
The Marseille-based technology provider has developed a UN standard for sensor-based container messages it hopes will be used widely throughout the industry to make such systems interoperable for potential buyers and users of tracking solutions and associated analytics.
Mediterranean Shipping Co. has committed to deploying 50,000 smart containers by 2020, using devices manufactured by Traxens.
19 Sep 2019
A discussion on the benefits of adopting smart container technology at the JOC Container Trade Europe conference this week yielded a wide range of projections for what percentage of the global dry container fleet might actually be equipped with such devices in the near future.
CMA CGM and MSC have invested in Traxens, and along with Maersk have committed to a collective 150,000 of the technology provider's container-mounted devices.
17 Jul 2019
The Traxen devices are meant to provide more reliable data about the location and condition of containers while in transit, and an associated analytics platform is designed to help shippers better understand where and when their goods hit bottlenecks, both episodic and systemic.
Carriers carving out a leading position in blockchain through TradeLens and securing a foothold in Internet of Things-based track-and-trace data through Traxens must be viewed chiefly as a competitive maneuver.
03 Jun 2019
After years of undercutting each other on rates to gain market share and the resulting waves of consolidation, large container carriers seem to have come to a realization that they will sink or swim together.
The Tuesday announcement of the TradeLens expansion came a day after Maersk said it would join CMA CGM and MSC as a shareholder and customer of Traxens.
28 May 2019
Container carriers are accelerating their push into the digital space, with three of the five largest lines now contributing to a blockchain platform led by IBM and Maersk, as well as coalescing around a specific piece of track-and-trace hardware.
Traxens is one of a number of container or shipment level sensor makers, but it has the advantage of direct investment from two of the world's top shipping lines.
23 May 2019
The French container sensor company will have 100,000 boxes fitted with its devices by the end of 2020, thanks to large orders from its two shipping line investors.
Prices for connected sensors in container shipping have come down in recent years, but widespread adoption is necessary to bring them down even further.
11 Mar 2019
Using connected devices to track container cargo shipments could transform the industry, but much of their value will remain unrealized if the systems they feed can't communicate with one another.
CMA CGM and Traxens Technology.
10 Dec 2018
CMA CGM (India) said the smart container was loaded onto the CMA CGM Tosca at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust on Nov. 30, destined for Marseilles, France.
Mediterranean Shipping Co.
15 Oct 2018
The Geneva-based carrier said it will roll out the “smart” containers in the coming months, enabling users to follow the movement of containers in real time through the Internet of Things.
25 Jun 2018
Ocean carriers have begun investing directly in start-ups, and in some cases deploying these solutions more broadly. Furthermore, as the tech sector worked through initial roadblocks, the market for sensor technology to track international freight has been steadily warming the last two years, as shippers seek more-accurate and real-time information.