BuyCo, founded in 2015 and based in Marseilles, France, focuses on enabling shippers to prepare, complete and monitor their transport operations (internally or with forwarders). The platform is also intended to allow shippers to collaborate internally and with all their partners, to get visibility on in-transit cargo and related documents, and to collect and analyze data in order to continuously improve their supply chain. 

25 Jul 2022
Deciding whether to outsource key logistics functions is an existential question for shippers, one made harder by external dynamics being out of whack during the pandemic.
22 Feb 2021
Financial services group ODDO has invested in shipment management software provider BuyCo as part of a broader aim to tether logistics data to new trade finance products intended to provide an alternative to letters of credit.
04 Dec 2020
Demand for detailed carbon emissions data is growing, evidenced by the integration of SeaRoutes’ data into the platforms of third-party logistics providers and global transportation and rate management systems.
11 Aug 2020
Maersk’s recent entry into the TMS space highlights the range of players targeting different segments of a fragmented shipper market that’s gravitating toward web-based tools.
Mediterranean Shipping Co. has committed to deploying 50,000 smart containers by 2020, using devices manufactured by Traxens.
19 Sep 2019
A discussion on the benefits of adopting smart container technology at the JOC Container Trade Europe conference this week yielded a wide range of projections for what percentage of the global dry container fleet might actually be equipped with such devices in the near future.
09 Jul 2019
ZeBox is more than a technology pipeline for CMA CGM alone, and that ultimately might be what allows it to flourish and drive more software value for shippers.