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Port News

Port news and updates from around the globe covering critical international ports such as Los Angeles, Long Beach, New York-New Jersey, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Jawaharlal Nehru, Santos, and Tokyo. From traffic congestion, port strikes, and port labor negotiations to pending government regulations and equipment upgrades, JOC.com covers every angle of the port industry.

How will leading ports deploy the expansion of port rail and berth projects to harness growing demand for e-commerce shipments with the help of intermodal rail? What other new opportunities and challenges lie ahead for ports as a result of the build-out of warehousing and other industrial real estate? How will port managers deploy the power of advanced technologies — such as blockchain and the Internet of Things — to reduce congestion and boost port productivity?

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01 Dec 2022
The short-line rail operator for the Port of New Orleans has received a state grant that will fund a new transload facility offering faster access to major highways.
30 Nov 2022
The Port of Houston, citing technology problems, is postponing the start date of a new fee that would penalize shippers who don’t retrieve import containers after the allowable free time.
30 Nov 2022
All supply chains converge at the marine terminal, so facilitating and protecting fluidity through the terminal is the key to unlocking broader supply chain effectiveness, writes JOC’s Peter Tirschwell.
29 Nov 2022
South Korea’s government took the unprecedented step of ordering some of the striking truckers back to work Tuesday, although strike organizer Cargo Solidarity said it would defy the order.
28 Nov 2022
The South Atlantic Chassis Pool 3.0 has received federal approval and should launch officially in 2023, but it will face a daunting challenge satisfying rising demand as discretionary cargo shifts from the West Coast to East Coast ports.
28 Nov 2022
Newly launched ocean carriers Kalypso and Ellerman are debuting trans-Atlantic services for US shippers that want to bypass the delays and congestion seen over most of 2022.
23 Nov 2022
If there’s one lesson from the pandemic, it’s that working to ensure efficient container flow through US ports during sustained cargo surges must be the highest priority, whether it’s achievable or not, writes JOC’s Peter Tirschwell.
22 Nov 2022
The cargo surge that began with the COVID-19 recovery in mid-2020 forced US ports to develop a new playbook to cope with the unprecedented port and inland supply chain congestion that resulted, according to APM Terminals.
21 Nov 2022
The Port of Mobile’s breakbulk dockworkers will go ahead with a strike against stevedoring firm CSA Equipment after a month-long cooling period failed to produce a new contract.
18 Nov 2022
Canada’s transport regulator has introduced a new bill that would give the government more authority to monitor port activity and address rail issues faster.
18 Nov 2022
Maersk and MSC have suspended a trans-Pacific US East Coast service as freight rates and volumes continue to slump as 2022 winds down.
17 Nov 2022
The backlog of empty containers at the Port of New York and New Jersey continues to drop, allowing the port to better handle the increasing volumes of freight being diverted from the West Coast.
16 Nov 2022
Data from visibility provider Portcast shows US exporters struggle to manage changes to early return dates as well as variances in ERD data formats from different terminals.
15 Nov 2022
OICT is operated by SSA Marine, the same operator that runs Terminal 5 at the Port of Seattle, which has been the site of a inter-union work jurisdictional dispute that has forced the broader West Coast contract talks to be put on hold.
14 Nov 2022
Sources with knowledge of the Port of Oakland’s operations called Monday’s action by the ILWU an obvious attempt to exert pressure on stalled contract negotiations with the Pacific Maritime Association.
11 Nov 2022
Under the modified cabotage mechanism, foreign-flag carriers working the India trade face minimal regulations over the movement of export and import containers meant for transshipment.
10 Nov 2022
Last week’s work action stirred up bad memories of negotiations in 2014–15, when locally initiated job actions over several months severely disrupted ports up and down the West Coast, resulting in huge losses for exporters.
09 Nov 2022
Canada is reconsidering how its port system operates in the wake of disruption tied to the pandemic and amid inland hub congestion putting upstream pressure on its Pacific Coast ports.
08 Nov 2022
The announced wage deal at Liverpool is welcome news after a series of strikes over the past three months severely disrupted container operations at the UK’s key west coast hub.
07 Nov 2022
Evergreen Marine has purchased the equity shares held by subsidiaries in its transshipment hub in Panama that serves both Asia and South America services into the US East Coast.
04 Nov 2022
With softer import volumes coming from Los Angeles-Long Beach, BNSF has made significant progress clearing the backlog of ocean containers at its Dallas-area terminal and hopes to restore normal conditions within weeks.
02 Nov 2022
A work stoppage in Oakland only served to further stoke the fears of US cargo interests who have been routing discretionary cargo away from West Coast ports to avoid disruptions linked to ongoing longshore labor talks.
01 Nov 2022
The Gulf Coast ports of Houston and Mobile are the fastest and third-fastest growing gateways for US imports of Asian goods as shippers look to diversify away from the West Coast, regardless of the outcome of longshore labor talks.
28 Oct 2022
The Port of New York and New Jersey and two of its marine terminals are funding further planning on a track project that would mean fewer delays out of the port.
28 Oct 2022
The US Department of Transportation will provide record funding for 41 port projects, including infrastructure upgrades and emissions improvements.
27 Oct 2022
The move to impose fees on long-dwelling containers comes as the import backlog at Port Houston has created truck queues outside its terminals and increased turn times for drivers.
27 Oct 2022
The longer it takes for the ILWU and West Coast longshore employers to agree on a new contract, the threat of disruption grows and more cargo will be diverted elsewhere – some of it permanently.
26 Oct 2022
Canadian freight forwarders and their shipper-clients are calling on federal transportation agencies to address supply chain bottlenecks they say have resulted in delays and mounting detention and demurrage costs.
26 Oct 2022
Cosco’s acquisition of the stake in the Hamburg terminal was subject to approval by the German government, but significant resistance due to political sensitivities prolonged the process.
25 Oct 2022
Mediterranean Shipping Co.’s terminal arm is working with a developer to build a container facility at the Sparrows Point industrial park near the Port of Baltimore.
25 Oct 2022
The inability to get past the jurisdictional issue in Seattle has now led some observers to conclude that contract negotiations between the ILWU and longshore employers on the West Coast are unlikely to be resolved this year.
24 Oct 2022
The increasingly bitter dispute between the union and Liverpool’s terminal operator is over pay increases labor is seeking to compensate workers for the UK’s runaway inflation rate.
21 Oct 2022
South Florida Container Terminal will be handling more volumes after the start of a new trans-Atlantic service from the Mediterranean, with the CMA CGM Navegantes making its first call to Miami this week.
21 Oct 2022
Europe’s two largest container port hubs have reported declining throughput in the first nine months of the year as a series of factors stacks up to put the brakes on demand.
20 Oct 2022
Carriers will continue to skip calls at South African ports next week even with the end of the strike, which has caused widespread disruption to terminal operations with cargo backlogs and omitted calls on key services.
20 Oct 2022
Reduced backlogs in Southern California due primarily to the diversion of cargo to the East and Gulf coasts have shifted the congestion problems to ports in those regions.