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Port News

Port news and updates from around the globe covering critical international ports such as Los Angeles, Long Beach, New York-New Jersey, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Jawaharlal Nehru, Santos, and Tokyo. From traffic congestion, port strikes, and port labor negotiations to pending government regulations and equipment upgrades, JOC.com covers every angle of the port industry.

How will leading ports deploy the expansion of port rail and berth projects to harness growing demand for e-commerce shipments with the help of intermodal rail? What other new opportunities and challenges lie ahead for ports as a result of the build-out of warehousing and other industrial real estate? How will port managers deploy the power of advanced technologies – such as blockchain and the Internet of Things -- to reduce congestion and boost port productivity?

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27 May 2022
Government investments are expected to triple capacity at Port Saint John amid accelerated growth brought on by partnerships with Canada Pacific, DP World, and more.
01 Oct 2020
Mounting congestion at marine terminals in Los Angeles and Long Beach is adding to the woes of importers who have already been contending with shortages of equipment, warehouse workers and truck capacity.
29 Sep 2020
East and Gulf coast ports offer significant rail-related cost advantages to the interior, leading the Pacific Maritime Association to urge West Coast ports to operate more efficiently in order to prevent further erosion of market share of US imports from Asia.
28 Sep 2020
Houston’s need for additional space comes as it hopes to begin funding a multi-year channel widening project by next year amid a building boom for container ship capacity along the US Gulf Coast.
25 Sep 2020
DP World and the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) say they expect to finalize an employment agreement covering the terminal operator's Port Botany facility in Sydney next week.
24 Sep 2020
The Jacksonville Port Authority (Jaxport) has secured the final piece of the funding pie needed to deepen the port’s main harbor to 47 feet to Blount Island, a critical step toward handling more post-Panamax vessels in the trans-Pacific trade.
22 Sep 2020
Equipment providers and terminal operators say excessive container and chassis dwell times at import warehouses in Southern California are the main culprit in recent congestion at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
22 Sep 2020
Congestion at the UK’s busiest port has prompted CMA CGM to impose a surcharge on all Asian imports and exports through the gateway.
22 Sep 2020
The balance of trade in and out of India has shifted in favor of exports as the country begins to recover from the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
21 Sep 2020
The intensity of the Asia import surge is such that executives believe a return-to-normal container flow might still take months given how out of balance the system has already become in recent weeks.
18 Sep 2020
The Port of Virginia’s Virginia International Gateway (VIG) terminal has resumed Saturday gate hours through Nov. 21 after suspending weekend service in mid-March at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
18 Sep 2020
The UK’s busiest container port is being overwhelmed by peak season volume, staff shortages, and problems with its truck booking system, with forwarders feeling the effects of a ban on empty container drop-offs.
17 Sep 2020
A&R Logistics has opened a new resin packaging plant in South Carolina two months ahead of schedule, causing port officials to be bullish about resin exports in 2021.
17 Sep 2020
Container volume in Savannah set a new monthly record in August, a result port officials didn’t anticipate but attribute to US consumer demand for online shopping and home improvement goods.
17 Sep 2020
Funds from the US Department of Transportation’s grant program will assist the ports of Charleston and Everett and Anchorage’s airport finance various improvement projects.
17 Sep 2020
While the chief factor behind current excessive container backups at Mundra has been adverse weather, there have also been trade concerns regarding the private handler prioritizing some bulk movement over containerized freight.
15 Sep 2020
A widening project will allow bi-directional traffic along the channel leading into Guangzhou’s Nansha container terminal, reducing the time ships have to wait for a berth window.
15 Sep 2020
A deal to build and operate a transload and distribution facility in Vancouver advances CP’s efforts to deepen its presence at its sole western Canadian port gateway, and Maersk’s evolution into a so-called global integrator by expanding its reach beyond port-to-port shipping.
14 Sep 2020
The Port of New Orleans was halting operations Monday ahead of Hurricane Sally, due to make landfall in southeastern Louisiana on Tuesday.
14 Sep 2020
Container delays at Sydney have been caused by industrial action by dock workers, exacerbated by berth congestion and bad weather at Port Botany. Photo credit: Shutterstock.com.
11 Sep 2020
Given their lower handling costs and intermodal rail rates, Vancouver and Prince Rupert are poised to grab additional market share from US West Coast ports as they add capacity through expansion projects.
10 Sep 2020
A dislocation of railcars, exacerbated by railroads serving a surge of imports at Western Canadian ports, and constrained marine terminal space in Eastern Canada has slowed the ability of marine terminals to clear a backlog caused by recent strikes.
07 Sep 2020
Data shows that whether it is for e-commerce or inventory restocking, importers and their forwarders and carrier partners are favoring Southern California, and there’re plenty of reasons for Los Angeles-Long Beach to hold that oft-begrudging allure among e-tailers.
07 Sep 2020
Larger container ships calling Japanese ports has led carriers to alter port rotations to avoid vessels bunching together, with some box ships being forced to depart earlier than planned to prevent delays and congestion.
07 Sep 2020
The Port of Brownsville is "headed for a record year" in wind energy cargo, according to port officials, a development that is helping to offset the loss of volume related to three LNG export projects currently on hold owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.
04 Sep 2020
Port Freeport, Texas, in August opened 20 newly paved acres for handling growing roll-on, roll-off (ro-ro) cargo from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
03 Sep 2020
The Port of Los Angeles Thursday unveiled a new dashboard that will give port customers and stakeholders shipment information three weeks in advance of vessel arrival.
03 Sep 2020
The neighboring ports of Beaumont and Port Arthur in eastern Texas only suffered minor damage from the category 4 Hurricane Laura, but both have seen cargo volume decline in the first half of 2020 as the COVID-19 recession put pressure on oil pricing, prompting a pullback in oil and gas capital projects.
02 Sep 2020
Surge of time-sensitive merchandise in Los Angeles and Long Beach, coupled with persistent operational problems, caused turn times to increase in August.
01 Sep 2020
With month-long rail issues at Vancouver and Prince Rupert continuing, beneficial cargo owners shipping through the Canadian ports must now contend with vessel arrival delays of as much as two weeks.
31 Aug 2020
Plaquemines’ grand ambition for a container terminal comes as other Gulf Coast ports are vying to host larger vessels and offer easier access to the US Midwest.
28 Aug 2020
Both of Houston’s container terminals were shut for two days this week as a precaution as Hurricane Laura approached the Gulf Coast.
27 Aug 2020
Truckers and cargo owners are urging the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to incentivize ocean carriers to share more shipment information earlier to improve cargo velocity in Southern California.
26 Aug 2020
The Los Angeles–Long Beach gateway’s market share increased in July as retailers focused just-in-time shipments through Southern California, a trend that is expected to continue through September.
25 Aug 2020
The availability of IMO-compliant 0.5 percent sulfur fuel oil in Bangladesh’s main port will help lower costs for carriers, particularly the feeder operators that work vessels calling from major regional hubs.
21 Aug 2020
Port authorities in the US Southeast are closely monitoring terminal fluidity as volume picks up, and making adjustments to ensure cargo owners don’t see service degrade.