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Trucking news and detailed analysis of trucking companies across the United States from trucking industry leaders like Swift Transportation and Old Dominion Freight Line to smaller regional truckers plying various cross-border and domestic routes. ranks the largest trucking companies each year and also provides rankings of the largest truckload and less-than-truckload carriers. 

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk electric truck.
24 Sep 2018
Despite the growth of the electric truck market and related battery tech advances, diesel technology will hardly disappear any time soon, an IHS Markit study forecasts.
Port of Wilmington, North Carolina.
24 Sep 2018
After being shut down for a week and a half, the Port of Wilmington reopened its gates to truckers on Monday and the work continues to reduce and eliminate the backlog of containers from before Hurricane Florence and from vessels discharging since last Thursday.
Less-than-containerload freight.
24 Sep 2018
Three of the largest companies in the less-than-containerload (LCL) market said at's Container Trade Europe Conference in Hamburg last week that while there are opportunities to keep momentum for LCL going, they are ultimately subject to underlying full containerload rate levels.
Trucks travel on a US highway.
21 Sep 2018
Making distribution center space available on weekends may mean additional costs, but it also creates much needed capacity and flexibility for truck driver hours. "If you’re worried about your budget, fill your trucks better,” an e-commerce shipper said.
A truck travels in the United States.
21 Sep 2018
Logistics managers must truly collaborate with carriers and logistics operators, and also dig into their own operations to eliminate waste and save money. One review of the US trucking cost trend line will tell you why.
A truck travels on a highway in California, United States.
20 Sep 2018
In a US truck sector characterized by scarcity, tech visibility works both ways, and truck companies are using technology to track delays and driver detention at shipper facilities. That’s all the more reason for customers to become a “shipper of choice.”
Trucks at the Port of New York and New Jersey.
20 Sep 2018
The Teamsters union, which pushed for the rule change, believes a large proportion of the port’s trucker owner-operators could be found to be employees under the new rule. Truckers say the impact could range from merely creating an “administrative headache," to prompting some to leave the port, and perhaps the industry.
An Amazon center.
20 Sep 2018
The pace of technological change is set to increase exponentially. “This is the slowest rate of change you’ll experience the rest of your life,” Peter Sheahan, CEO of the Karrikins Group, said. 
Chassis stack in the United States.
19 Sep 2018
The decision means the price of a chassis in the United States will likely rise by a substantial amount.
FMC, Rebecca Dye and Michael Khouri.
19 Sep 2018
Federal Maritime Commissioner Rebecca Dye Wednesday said her investigation into detention and demurrage will chiefly focus on developing uniform definitions and identifying the responsibilities of ocean carriers and marine terminal operators to make boxes accessible during free time.
Wilmington, North Carolina.
18 Sep 2018
The biggest disruption is for truckers traveling Interstate 95 through the Carolinas. Flooding has shut down most of I-95 in North Carolina, except for a nine-mile stretch.