In 1952, Malcom McLean successfully tested a new model of shipping and the industry was forever changed. From email and online scheduling to EDI use, one hallmark of the trade and transportation business is its appreciation for innovation. In the last decade, the most quickly adopted have been technology-related changes. Customers are seeking visibility at all stages of the supply chain, and the providers with the most nimble technology are charting the course for the industry’s future.

Special Coverage: Logistics Technology Enters A New Age

News & Analysis

16 Jan 2018
IBM and Maersk estimate the initiatives could save the industry billions of dollars.
13 Nov 2017
False logs are an "epidemic," and shippers are vulnerable, speakers tell the JOC Inland Distribution Conference. The latest federal data back them up.
07 Nov 2017
The $250 million to $300 million financial impact of Maersk's cyber breach was not enough to offset strong market fundamentals in the third quarter that drove up the freight rate and kept the carrier well in profit.
02 Nov 2017
As the Dec. 18 ELD mandate draws closer, Ryder System said it will equip all of its rental trucks with portable ELDs, helping short-term truck renters comply with the law.
30 Oct 2017
More complex supply chains and faster fulfillment demands create opportunity for logistics "insourcing" among shippers, Haversack Logistics founder says.
16 Oct 2017
Technology cannot replace personal relationships, but greater automation can help smooth processes, Echo Global Logistics CEO Waggoner says.


The modern supply chain is complex, global, multi-modal, and full of visibility gaps.

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