In 1952, Malcom McLean successfully tested a new model of shipping and the industry was forever changed. From email and online scheduling to EDI use, one hallmark of the trade and transportation business is its appreciation for innovation. In the last decade, the most quickly adopted have been technology-related changes. Customers are seeking visibility at all stages of the supply chain, and the providers with the most nimble technology are charting the course for the industry’s future.

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05 Feb 2019
A brave new world of complex supply chains, consumer demands, and urbanization means problems rooted in truck capacity and driver availability are likely to get worse, regardless of the economic cycle.
Warehouse supply chain.
25 Jan 2019
Capacity may ebb and flow, but e-commerce will keep pressure on shippers to adopt technology and review supply chain strategies, says DHL Supply Chain’s Jim Monkmeyer.
24 Nov 2018
Sponsored: Blume CEO on true digitization within the supply chain, moving past relatively small changes that still require human involvement, to a true evolution of systems. In this interview at the JOC Technology Conference, Johar examines the potential in deep learning and neural networks, use of cognitive decision making and predictive analytics for contract reading, and focusing on the needs of your customer's customer.
18 Nov 2018
Sponsored: CenterPoint's Brian McKiernan, and JOC Inland Distribution panelist, on the Chicago market, and developing industrial real estate with the flexibility to keep up with robotics and technology.
16 Nov 2018
Sponsored: Xeneta's Thomas Sørbø on opportunities for supply chain redesign when resources are not tied up in a cumbersome tendering process.
15 Nov 2018
Sponsored: TenderEasy's Chief Commercial Officer Fredrik Nergell details the potential for a digital data ecosystem enabling greater accuracy and discusses his expectations for the evolution of freight procurement.


The modern supply chain is complex, global, multi-modal, and full of visibility gaps.

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