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Oaktree, primary shareholder of now-insolvent Hansa Heavy Lift, in January became a key partner with Kansas-based transportation provider Watco Companies.

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25 Nov 2019
Along the supply chain, the freight forwarder is the link between multiple parties and integrator of data, Samuel Shapiro & Co.’s Director of Supply Chain Angela Czajkowski noted at the 2018 JOC Logistics Technology Conference. In this interview, Czajkowski discussed the steps freight forwarders need to take to remain relevant as more disruptors move into the shipping and logistics industry.
21 Mar 2019
A new product from the Zurich-based cargo sensor and tracking provider will provide banks and other financiers with increased visibility into freight moves and associated risk, allowing for faster deployment of capital.
20 Mar 2019
Modern software can be more than the sum of its parts thanks to the ease with which systems can integrate with each other via application programming interfaces (APIs).
19 Mar 2019
Experts tell that although the development of data standards may not be a necessity for increasing deployment of technology in container shipping, it would accelerate the process.
18 Mar 2019
The technology provider, best known as a pioneer smartphone maker, is doubling down on its investment in sensor-based freight transportation asset tracking using its legacy location and battery technology.
11 Mar 2019
Software provider project44 is looking to fill gaps in supply chain visibility, which it says occur most often at ports, rather than when cargo is at sea.


Three issues will have a major impact on the container shipping world for all stakeholders in 2019: trade squabbles, carrier capacity management, and low-sulfur fuel cost recovery.