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As exports from the region waned, expansion of all-water services from Asia and a boom in import distribution facilities contributed to double-digit growth in imports to US Gulf ports last year.

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23 Sep 2019
Less-than-truckload carrier Estes Express Lines is working with software provider DDC FPO to deliver more accurate, timely information through the automation of freight bill processing.
09 Sep 2019
“We don’t think about our supply chain as a collection of technologies, but as processes,” Abir Thakurta, vice president of global supply chain for the Atlanta-based furniture retailer, said in a keynote address to the conference. “For us, it’s about supply chain performance. I’m interested in outcomes. If you’re a technology provider, think outcomes, not solutions.”
09 Sep 2019
So much of the discussion around international logistics technology is focused on so-called disruptors and the vast amounts of money behind them, but the reality is that disruption isn’t where the action is taking place.
27 Aug 2019
JOC Senior Technology Editor Eric Johnson talks about what the introduction of three new carrier-developed digital entities — TradeLens, the Global Business Shipping Network, and the Digital Container Shipping Association — means to the liner shipping industry.
26 Aug 2019
Supply chain software providers are using application program interfaces (APIs) to connect previously disparate data sources and systems, potentially ushering a new strata of neutrality in freight transportation.
20 Aug 2019
AGL Chief Executive Jon Slangerup addresses reactive responses to tariff uncertainty and the vital first step in using new technology for supply chain optimization.


Three issues will have a major impact on the container shipping world for all stakeholders in 2019: trade squabbles, carrier capacity management, and low-sulfur fuel cost recovery.

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