Hong Kong Strike

Ma;p of Hong Kong

Strikes and demonstrations by dockworkers at the Port of Hong Kong in early 2013 targeted facilities operated by Hongkong International Terminals, a subsidiary of Hutchison Port HoldingsTrust. HIT operates five terminals in Hong Kong, including Container Terminal 8 East, a joint venture with Cosco.

The dockworkers on May 6, 2013, voted to end the strike, which had disrupted operations for six weeks.

HIT at the Port of Hong Kong
08 Apr 2013
Shipment delays to and from Hong Kong are ongoing as productivity at facilities run by Hongkong International Terminals continue to be affected by shortages of crane operators and other key workers because of striking dockworkers.
08 Apr 2013
A strike at the Kwai Tsing Container Terminal in the Port of Hong Kong has entered a 12th day, with no negotiations planned to resolve the dispute, BBC reports.
HIT terminal operations in the Port of Hong Kong
04 Apr 2013
Strikes and demonstrations by dockworkers at the Port of Hong Kong have now entered their second week and vessel queues are continuing to lengthen, forcing the diversion of large volumes of container traffic away from the world’s third-busiest container port.
03 Apr 2013
The International Transport Workers’ Federation has condemned the temporary injunction that dismisses striking dock workers from Kwai Tsing Container Terminals in the Port of Hong Kong, citing it as a violation of global standards.
Hongkong International Terminal, Port of Hong Kong
02 Apr 2013
Lines and shippers are making contingency plans in the event the dockworker strike at facilities operated by Hongkong Int