Green issues / Sustainability

Joe Pratt, Sandia National Laboratories’ researcher, stands near the Port of Oakland, one of the West Coast ports he studied to learn whether hydrogen fuel cells are a viable power source for docked ships. (Photo by Steffan Schulz).
28 Jun 2013
Hydrogen fuel cells may be technically feasible and commercially attractive as a “clean, quiet and efficient” power source for ships at berth, replacing onboard diesel generators.
20 Jun 2013
Ryder System has begun to take delivery of 39 light and medium duty compressed natural gas vehicles, which will be available in California for lease or rent.
13 Jun 2013
The American Trucking Associations has applauded the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision today to reject two concession requirements in the Port of Los Angeles’ clean-trucks program.
12 Jun 2013
The Port of Seattle and Port of Tacoma in Washington, along with British Columbia’s Port Metro Vancouver, have set collective goals to reduce diesel emissions by 75 percent per ton of cargo by 2015 and by 80 percent by 2020.


The sulfur cap on marine fuel will come into force after the most intense period of consolidation in the industry’s 60-year history. 

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