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Port of Antwerp.
Ports in North Europe had the biggest increase in average call size in 2017, but Southeast Asia and Latin America also had impressive average growth increases.

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Deliveryperson delivers an e-commerce package.
26 May 2018
While the data on the phenomenon is in its infancy and hardly comprehensive, it appears LCL shipping — less than container load shipping – is being propelled higher by several postmodern trends that are changing the nature of global trade, including the rise of e-commerce, more-frequent shipping, and technology enabling supply chain monitoring and optimization.
A CMA CGM ship.
25 May 2018
Rodolphe Saadé, group CEO of CMA CGM, announced the surcharge along with first quarter results, which saw revenue surge. Despite that increase in demand, fuel costs resulted in a $77 million net loss for the quarter.
Caterpillar machinery.
23 May 2018
With the regional, synchronized global expansion largely intact, rising demand points to a strong year for global trade; however, global politics threaten to soften demand for exports of US heavy machinery.
China Europe rail.
23 May 2018
It is widely known that government subsidies make the China-Europe rail a viable option, but the huge scale of this support is starting to emerge.
Port of Hamburg.
21 May 2018
Reluctance to embrace new ways of doing business is holding back container shipping, executives said at a Hamburg shipping conference.
Port of Los Angeles.
18 May 2018
After more than a year of year-over-year negative comparisons since the Hanjin bankruptcy, trans-Pacific spot rates to the East Coast reached parity with the same week a year ago, and almost reached parity to the West Coast, indicating that spot rates have returned to normal seasonal trends.


The Canadian East Coast’s very stable market has recently changed significantly: it’s in a state of turmoil with many container port projects being considered — Quebec City (Beauport); Dartmouth, Halifax; Montreal (Contrecoeur); Melford, Nova Scotia; and Sydney, Nova Scotia (Novaporte). 

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