Electronic Logging Device Mandate

Electronic Logging Device Mandate

Shipping and logistics news and analysis of the US electronic logging device (ELD) mandate that takes effect December 18, 2017, and its impact on trucking rates and capacity.

The ELD mandate is a regulation that says US truckers and trucking companies must record driver's hours of service digitally and cease use of paper logs to track drivers' time behind the wheel.

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14 May 2020
Regulators are expanding the area covered by the short-haul exemption to trucking hours of service rules, and that brings opportunities to drayage and e-commerce delivery carriers.
A trucking loading in the United States.
26 Oct 2018
Being driver-friendly is just the start, not the end goal, of being a shipper of choice, a business development specialist said at the JOC Inland Distribution Conference earlier this week. “It’s table stakes.”
Trucks travel on a US road.
25 Oct 2018
Sequential volume gains may have slowed, but year-over-year shipment increases are still substantial for two of the largest US trucking companies.
A truck travels in the United States.
23 Oct 2018
Transport America's solo salary offers remuneration for a solo driver that is above the $75,000 a year that trucking executives have admitted would need to be breached to end the driver shortage.
Trucks travel on a US highway.
19 Oct 2018
The trucking effects from the extreme weather the Southeast US experienced are expected to be temporary, with strong pre-holiday demand in November and possibly December likely to restore “balance” in the storm’s wake.
Trucks travel on a highway in near Toronto, Canada.
19 Oct 2018
The electronic logging device rule imposed in the United States in November has already affected Canadian trucking, both cross-border and domestic services.
A truck travels in the United States.
16 Oct 2018
After a year of double-digit increases, spot rate gains are slowing, and truck rates and revenue increases are expected to ‘moderate’ to the mid-single-digit range in 2019.
Trucks travel on a US highway.
15 Oct 2018
US trucking has entered a new era, in which a ‘new normal’ has been established. Even so, for shippers, there are some encouraging sector developments concerning driver recruitment and overall truck capacity.
An intermodal travels through California, United States.
10 Oct 2018
This has been a record year for US intermodal rail, but changes in shipping patterns apparently have lowered the autumn intermodal peak — or broken it into two smaller peaks.
A truck travels in South Dakota, United States.
08 Oct 2018
For those who think that it’s somehow counterintuitive to have a pricing model designed to create a loss or to reduce operating margins, rest assured, it is.
Trucks travel in Tennessee, United States.
06 Oct 2018
Innovation and outside-the-box thinking are needed to help shippers and trucking companies kick old, bad habits and bring pricing into the 21st century. This is Part 1 in a 5-part series.
Trucks travel on a US highway.
01 Oct 2018
The economy and e-commerce will power fourth-quarter rate increases, not post-hurricane reconstruction, says DAT. Furthermore, while rate increases are likely to moderate in 2019, truck sector professionals underscore that a new baseline is in place.
Trucks travel on a road in New Jersey, United States.
27 Sep 2018
Owner-operators want regulators to tackle detention time by shippers in addition to hours-of-service flexibility.
Trucks travel on a US highway.
21 Sep 2018
Making distribution center space available on weekends may mean additional costs, but it also creates much needed capacity and flexibility for truck driver hours. "If you’re worried about your budget, fill your trucks better,” an e-commerce shipper said.
Port of Los Angeles.
17 Sep 2018
As the US chassis sector evolves, no one method of operation fits all ports/regions, but one appears to offer truckers an advantage.
12 Sep 2018
Revenue from 53-foot trailer-on-flat-car (TOFC) moves in the North America is up in a big way this year, so far, through August. But is 53-foot TOFC revenue an accurate leading indicator of overall domestic intermodal demand?
A truck travels on a US highway.
11 Sep 2018
One could argue that the US truck sector has reached its peak, but others believe that with a robust manufacturing sector and other sources of growth, another year of strong truck sector gains is ahead.
Central Oregon Truck
07 Sep 2018
With many new technologies depending on gathering mobile data, getting drivers to buy into innovation is the key to success. And Central Oregon Truck Company offers an effective system that other trucking companies would be prudent to study.
Trucks travel on a US highway.
31 Aug 2018
The demand factor favors US truck companies; that said, there are substantive benefits to becoming a "shipper of choice."
A truck travels on a road in Mexico.
28 Aug 2018
The Confederation of Industrial Chambers, which represents more than 120 chambers around Mexico, said the government should hold off enforcing the hours-of-service rules, and it cited several reasons for its request.
A truck travels on a US road.
23 Aug 2018
Few debate the enhanced safety on US roads stemming from the electronic logging device (ELD). But what about circumstances the truck driver cannot control, such as an accident that suddenly closes a major highway? Or when equipment breaks down? Proposed reforms address these and more.
Trucks travel on a US highway.
13 Aug 2018
The electronic logging device (ELD) mandate did not cause a loss of drivers, but a loss of driving hours. Further, changes shippers made that were propelled by the ELD are likely to be lasting, even if exemption amendments for selected trucking segments are passed.
A truck travels in the United States.
06 Aug 2018
The loss of supply chain time, not truck drivers, has squeezed US truckload capacity; and there’s one segment of surface transport that’s seen a substantial service change.
Old Dominion Freight Line.
31 Jul 2018
The mode-shifting by shippers is not only caused by tight US truckload capacity, but also changing retail dynamics in the “Amazon Era.”
A truck travels on a US road.
26 Jul 2018
Soaring trucking and rising broader surface transportation rates are forcing logistics changes, and there is a distinct trend.
Trucks travel on a US highway.
26 Jul 2018
Freight demand remains strong, even in summer, carriers say, and that’s allowing them to pick and choose the most profitable freight, with peak season just ahead.
An intermodal freight train.
24 Jul 2018
A variety of factors, including strong domestic US freight demand, is putting pressure on cross-border trucking between Mexico and the United States.
BNSF US Montana
12 Jul 2018
In the past, resourceful supply chain managers always had alternatives in their hip pocket to meet the unexpected, for a price. Not this year. In 2018, shippers should not expect surge freight capacity.
A BNSF intermodal freight train in Illinois, United States.
10 Jul 2018
US beneficial cargo owners will face unprecedented challenges using intermodal this peak season. Still, there are time-tested tactics that will ensure the best possible transportation result.
A truck travels in the state of Washington, United States.
05 Jul 2018
A petition calling for a ‘small business’ exemption to the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate has failed, and that means the ELD era has become more entrenched.
A truck travels on a US highway.
03 Jul 2018
It’s a stronger US truck market than even 2004/2005, drivers are aware that they are in short supply, and there is no end in sight — hence there is an obvious reason why both shippers and trucking companies should keep those market conditions in mind.
A truck travels on a US road.
28 Jun 2018
The United States is early in the electronic logging device era, but this is clear: 'fudging' is out, and electronics — precise measuring of minutes — is in, and that has affected delivery completion times in several sector segments.
28 Jun 2018
Sponsored: Dunavant Global Logistics Group COO Richard McDuffie on US-China tariffs, Gulf resins, infrastructure, and ELD impact on capacity.
A truck in New Mexico, United States.
27 Jun 2018
US shippers would welcome a break from relentlessly high truck pricing during the dog days of summer this year. But those dogs aren’t barking yet.
A truck travels on a US highway.
26 Jun 2018
The number of hours truckers may drive is getting more attention from Congress, but do bills calling for reform, or the overturn of the electronic logging device mandate, stand a chance this year?
A truck travels on a US highway.
26 Jun 2018
In this Notebook — Electronic logging devices, the US House of Representative's proposed HOURS act, and more about blockchain.


The electronic logging device means big data analysis is possible across the trucking/logistics sphere — and that opens up a world of opportunities for improved efficiency, fleet optimization, and more.

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