East Coast Ports

East Coast Ports

In-depth news, analysis and statistical information of U.S. East Coast ports such as the Port of New York and New Jersey and the Port of Savannah. Dockworkers on the U.S. East Coast are represented by the International Longshoremen's Association.

East Coast ports spent years preparing for the 2016 opening of the new locks of the Panama Canal. More recently, industry observers have been watching to see if East Coast ports can capture a larger share of imports from Asia by improving their operational efficiency in an uncertain market. Among recent advances in major East Coast ports are a new appointment system in New York-New Jersey; berths extended to cater to more and larger mega-ships in New York-New Jersey, Boston and Philadelphia; and a variety of new cranes and other equipment at Philadelphia and Charleston

News & Analysis

14 Sep 2021
With shippers facing crippling congestion in Southern California, the Port of New York and New Jersey is seeing more volume and the demand has spilled over to long-haul trucking.
09 Sep 2021
The Port of Baltimore received four fully electric cranes on Thursday for a second berth that will open when the cranes are put into commission in a few months.
27 Aug 2021
The head of the busiest US East Coast port said vessels are having to wait longer at anchorage and container dwell has risen as shippers bring in their holiday wares.
26 Aug 2021
US railroads have begun to control the number of containers leaving ports on trains per day to tailor volume to equipment and labor capacity, but some are skeptical this new strategy will resolve the crippling congestion in inland US markets.
23 Aug 2021
With containers sitting in Savannah’s Garden City terminal longer and the number of vessels anchored outside the port in the double digits, the Georgia Ports Authority is urging importers to pick up their container faster and use intermodal rail to help vacate a growing backlog of boxes.
19 Aug 2021
The Port of Charleston received a $1.3 million grant through the EPA’s Clean Diesel Program, which will support the purchase of eight all-electric, zero-emission vehicles to support exporters.
13 Aug 2021
Although US imports from Asia have returned to single-digit growth after 11 consecutive months of double-digit increases, the cargo base is so large that even incremental growth this peak season will result in record import volumes.
13 Aug 2021
President Biden’s recognition of global supply chain challenges draws attention to congestion in the US supply chain and should result in direct measures to mitigate the problems, according to the executive director of the Port of Los Angeles.
26 Jul 2021
The Georgia Ports Authority will open a 60-acre lot near berths 7, 8, and 9 this fall to add more than 600,000 TEU of container capacity to address the sharp rise in volumes this year. Photo credit: Ari Ashe/JOC.com.
22 Jul 2021
CSX and Union Pacific are working hard to restore fluidity on intermodal networks, but both companies said that issues may persist through the end of the year.
08 Jul 2021
Port officials in Savannah, Jacksonville, and Wilmington, North Carolina, have signed a deal to maintain the South Atlantic Chassis Pool through 2028 on the condition the pool will grow and chassis quality will significantly improve.
25 Jun 2021
The Port of Charleston has restored pre-COVID-19 Saturday hours to handle volumes affected by double-digit import growth and a labor lawsuit involving the Hugh K. Leatherman Terminal.
04 Jun 2021
Drayage capacity from Southeastern US ports is so low right now that ocean carriers, NVOCCs, and shippers are scouring to locate small truck carriers on the spot market and paying extra to get their loads hauled.
02 Jun 2021
The Port of Virginia believes two milestones will put them on firm footing to become the deepest port on the US East by late 2023 or early 2024.
20 May 2021
Although the Port of Charleston will be leaving the regional chassis pool in the Southeast, port officials in Savannah, Georgia; Jacksonville, Florida; and Wilmington, North Carolina, remain optimistic that they can upgrade the fleet with safer, modern equipment.
19 May 2021
In reporting a $590 million net income in the first quarter, Zim Integrated Shipping Services said it would expand its chartered fleet to handle what it expects will be 30 percent more volume in 2021 than in 2020.
13 May 2021
Land use has been a problem as imports have surged across top US ports, causing issues on how to balance space to devote to inbound and outbound containers in key interior cities.
13 May 2021
The US Commerce Department has reaffirmed a large antidumping duty on Chinese-made chassis in a final determination that will impact the transportation of international and domestic containers.
12 May 2021
Sealand Marine will add a stop in Wilmington on its Central American service beginning in June, adding more connections with Panama and introducing new services between North Carolina and Costa Rica.
05 May 2021
The decision by the Ocean Alliance to hold off on calling the newly opened Leatherman terminal is a sign the dispute between South Carolina and the International Longshore Association over the crane and yard work being handled by non-union state employees is heating up.
03 May 2021
The Port of Charleston plans to form its own proprietary chassis pool by May 2022, citing an inability to bring new, safer chassis into the existing South Atlantic Chassis Pool.
02 May 2021
Forced arbitration through a back-to-work order that ended a five-day strike lays the groundwork to help Port of Montreal shield itself from growing competition from eastern US and Canadian ports.
26 Apr 2021
Expecting to handle 6 million TEU as soon as 2023 rather than 2025, the Georgia Ports Authority has announced new expansion projects while also pushing the timeline for a mega-container terminal.
20 Apr 2021
A group of Memphis shippers and truckers want the US Surface Transportation Board to instruct railroads to stop charging storage fees until a chassis shortage is resolved.
19 Apr 2021
Intermodal service in Kansas City is a “complete mess,” according to three cargo owners, with an import surge causing chassis shortages and restrictions on what containers can be picked up or dropped off at rail terminals.
13 Apr 2021
A US International Trade Commission vote Tuesday clears the way for a countervailing duty on Chinese chassis and is likely to open the door to tripling the cost of chassis to importers, exporters, truckers, and chassis providers.
09 Apr 2021
The Port of Charleston has opened the first new container terminal in the US since 2009, increasing its terminal capacity by nearly 30 percent as cargo volumes surge in the Southeast.
08 Apr 2021
Shippers can save more money than ever before on intermodal, if they could find equipment and draymen to move their cargo to and from rail terminals amid scarce supply of both.
29 Mar 2021
The Georgia Ports Authority has approved $205 million in capital expenditures to address the congestion slowing down the supply chain through the port of Savannah.
26 Mar 2021
New DOT chief Pete Buttigieg has pledged to help ease port congestion and help exporters, but industry observers tell JOC.com that the federal government has limited short-term recourse.
22 Mar 2021
Zim Integrated Shipping Services said it believes global port congestion has reached its peak, it doesn’t expect US import pressures to let up.
22 Mar 2021
Exporters and trucking companies are battling delays on Norfolk Southern and CSX Transportation in Memphis, causing loaded containers going to Charleston and Savannah to idle for days.
17 Mar 2021
The Commerce Department will push ahead with an anti-dumping duty on Chinese-built marine chassis, which would raise prices on equipment at a time when there are dislocations and shortages in several US ports and rail hubs.
08 Mar 2021
Months-long congestion and the slow return of empty containers at the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and New York and New Jersey are flowing inland to key rail hubs such as Chicago and Dallas.
01 Mar 2021
The Port of Virginia will now set a hard date to accept export containers for each vessel, providing relief to BCOs dealing with frequently changing exporter receiving dates due to vessel delays.
17 Feb 2021
The Federal Maritime Commission will take a deep look into the detention and demurrage practices in Southern California and New York and New Jersey, requiring ocean carriers and maritime terminal operators to answer questions about their policies related to importers and exporters.


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