China's "Belt and Road"

China's "Belt and Road"

China's "Belt and Road" plan is a multi-billion initiative aimed at linking Asia with Europe and Africa, and the countries in between. The plan, formerly known as "One Belt, One Road," brings together the landside Silk Road Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road developments. The Silk Road Economic Belt connects China, Central Asia, Russia and Europe (the Baltic), linking China with the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean through Central Asia and West Asia, and connecting China with Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Indian Ocean. The 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road is from China's coast to Europe through the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean on one route, and from China's coast through the South China Sea to the South Pacific.

01 Jul 2015
The start of the second phase of construction of the Yangtze River channel extension project at Nanjing will allow China’s largest inland port to handle ocean-going vessels.
30 Jun 2015
Kazakhstan’s national rail operator and DHL Global Forwarding have signed a memorandum of understanding that will provide the logistics operator with additional block trains on the fast-developing land bridge between China and Europe.
25 Jun 2015
The transportation focus of China’s One Belt One Road strategy has so far been on improving maritime and rail links with Europe, Asia and Africa, but Beijing this week brought aviation into the picture, and in a big way.
15 Jun 2015
DHL Global Forwarding has moved quickly to take advantage of increased interest in the China-Europe rail route following Beijing’s launch of the One Belt, One Road strategy, adding a new twice-weekly service between Zhengzhou and Hamburg.
10 Jun 2015
Container throughput in China will reach 505 million TEUs by 2030, three super container hub ports will be formed in Shanghai, Qingdao and Hong Kong, and Chinese firms will become global container terminal operators.
27 May 2015
China is looking at investing in the outer reaches of the One Belt One Road trade footprint as state-owned China Merchants Group considers a deal with Lithuania’s port of Klaipeda on the Baltic Sea.
20 May 2015
As the Nicaragua canal continues its search for investors, another mega-canal project has been linked to China, this one in southern Thailand across the Isthmus of Kra.
08 May 2015
Chinese president Xi Jinping left this week to visit countries that will play a key role on the Silk Road Economic Belt that Beijing is pushing hard in its bid to secure uninterrupted trade links with Central Asia, Africa and Europe.
20 Apr 2015
Kerry Logistics has formed a strategic partnership with China’s state-owned rail operator as it begins to tap into Beijing’s One Belt One Road national trade strategy that was announced in March.
09 Apr 2015
China’s largest port builder has been given the green light to acquire one of Australia’s largest construction companies as Beijing moves to grow its international infrastructure capability in support of its “one belt one road” trade initiative.
07 Apr 2015
The term “One Belt One Road” has invaded reports on China trade over the past few weeks, with Beijing officials rarely missing a chance to extol the virtues of the regional initiative that brings together the Silk Road Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road developments aimed at linking China with Europe and Africa, and the countries in between.
14 Nov 2014
A new China-based development bank and separate infrastructure fund, created by Chinese government to reinforce


Despite publicly indicating a preference for the Port of Trieste in Italy, China may have really been working on securing market entry into Europe via a connection to the Rhine-Alpine corridor in Rijeka, Croatia.

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