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2014 Annual Review & Outlook - Air Cargo

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13 Dec 2017
Global air logistics leaders say their focus for 2018 continues to be on technology and processes.
Air cargo
09 Jan 2014
The coming year will witness a changing of the guard at the top of the global carrier hierarchy. With legal obstacles to the marriage of American Airlines and US Airways removed, the path is clear to creation of the world’s largest airline. In terms of cargo, the new behemoth will offer more capacity and a larger network, but it’s unlikely to change the landscape dramatically. In fact, the two airlines likely will be preoccupied with their integration in the months ahead.


The global air cargo industry is facing an undeniably challenging year ahead. Volumes increased slowly but steadily over the course of 2013, and some markets picked up faster than others. Current indicators suggest we will continue to see a small upturn — welcome news for an industry that plays a key role in world trade.