The Sale

The Sale

Copyright 2006, Traffic World, Inc.

Traffic World and its sister publications at Commonwealth Business Media are moving into a new and exciting era with the announcement July 5 that the company is being purchased by United Business Media.

The purchase will bring Traffic World and the stable of publications into a large, international publishing, online media and information business with a strong portfolio of business-to-business operations and a clear plan to expand in the trade and transportation world.

That''s good news for Traffic World and its readers because it aligns the magazine with owners who share our vision for the future of news and information in this important world of logistics and transportation and who have the ambitions and resources to grow with our readers.

The timing for Traffic World couldn''t be better. As the magazine prepares for its 100th anniversary in 2007, it''s especially important to look forward as well as to look back on our rich history.

And we see a transportation and logistics world that is getting its information from new and more diverse sources while demanding the insight, independence and experience that Traffic World brings its readers. With a lineup that includes Traffic World, The Journal of Commerce, Air Cargo World, an array of ocean, trucking and rail publications and data-intensive information businesses, CBM has a strong business with loyal readers and a foundation for the future.

Based in London, United Business Media is focused on that growth.

"The acquisition of Commonwealth is an exciting and positive step forward for UBM and sees us expanding into a new vertical market while maintaining our strategic focus on acquiring and developing a balanced portfolio of media businesses," said David Levin, CEO of UBM.

The company added in its announcement, "UBM intends to support Commonwealth''s existing growth plan and to leverage UBM''s international reach in order to accelerate Commonwealth''s development in markets outside the United States."

UBM is new to the transportation world but with $1.5 billion in annual revenue and a status as a publicly traded company has a strong place in the media business. The most familiar name in that fold probably is PR Newswire, the New York-based distributor of corporate news but its CMP division counts more than 200 newspapers and magazines, including Information Week, and CMP Technology is a leading U.S.-based provider of marketing services to the global technology industry.

Commonwealth and its publications will be a separate new division. Alan Glass, who led the purchase of the Journal of Commerce Inc. from The Economist Group in 2001, will continue in his role as CEO of Commonwealth and will join UBM''s senior executive team, reporting to David Levin.

For our readers and partners, the purchase means Traffic World is part of a strong strategic fit with a business with a similar view of the future and a willingness to invest. In that sense, we are growing along with our readers, just as we have throughout our history and our future.