Sailing Schedules

A global transportation resource, the JOC Sailing Schedule offers the cargo transport industry multiple ways to access maritime shipping schedules and related information. Frequent changes to the carriers' schedules make it critical to have reliable data so you can provide the best possible solution for your customers.

A powerful resource for Manufacturers, Importers/Exporters, NVOCCs/Freight Forwards/3PLs.

Departure Date Range

Port News

Port News
Montreal employers say the longshoremen’s decision was a surprise and said they are considering other options than focusing on contract negotiations. Employers locked out workers in 2010 after contract talks hit an impasse.
An increase in the traffic mitigation fee in Los Angeles-Long Beach will support rising labor costs for night and weekend gates.
Construction at the Port of Virginia to increase capacity of the Norfolk International Terminals to 2.2 million TEU is nearly complete, with the final eight cranes to move containers onto trucks to be commissioned in July.
Indian Customs authorities have not issued any official information on the additional checks, but customs brokers and forwarders say Customs officials have been given “internal” government instructions to manually inspect all Chinese cargo.

Container Lines

Container Lines
Retailers and forwarders say July 1 general rate increases (GRIs) could send spot container freight rates in the eastbound trans-Pacific to record levels.
A renewed push to reduce port stay times, driven by larger decarbonization goals, represents a rare scenario in which carriers, terminal operators, and cargo owners could all benefit.
Individual container carrier mergers and acquisitions, as well as a reconfiguring of vessel sharing alliances has created an environment in which members could begin to coordinate intermodal rail and trucking transport.
NVO market share of US imports from Asia increases as dozens of blank sailings push cargo owners to seek capacity their core carriers are not providing to them.