China Trade Data

In 2009, China replaced Germany as the world’s largest exporting nation. Since 2014, China is not only the world’s largest exporter, but also the largest trading nation in terms of the sum of its exports and imports.

China’s major exports are mechanical and electrical products, high tech products, clothing, textiles, footwear, furniture, plastic products and ceramic, motors and generators and integrated circuits. China’s main export partners are the United States, Hong Kong, the European Union (especially Germany, the UK and the Netherlands), Japan, South Korea, and the ASEAN countries of southeast Asia.

The strong growth in China’s exports has been a major factor supporting China's rapid economic expansion, but as its domestic economy expands, China has become gradually less dependent on the growth of its export sector.

In 2017, China's exports of goods and services were valued at 19.76 percent of its GDP, compared with their 31.8 percent share of its GDP in 2008, according to the World Integrated Trade Solution, which aggregates data from the World Bank, UNCTAD, and other organizations. 

02 Sep 2014
The second-quarter recovery that gave air and ocean cargo such a welcome boost looks set to continue its momentum well into the second half as the latest economic and freight indicators show some positive numbers.
Shoes in a store
21 Aug 2014
Containerized footwear imports into the United States plummeted in the first half of 2014, although the industry is optimistic sales will pick up in the second half of the year.
Japan flag
20 Aug 2014
Japan’s exports to the United States rose for the first time in three months in July on a year-on-year basis despite a sharp decline in auto shipments, according to preliminary trade figures released by Japan’s Finance Ministry.
Yantian international container terminal. Photo: lzf /
10 Aug 2014
Asia’s ports reported strengthening of container throughput in the first half as the economic recovery of the U.S. and Europe drove up consumer spending and new export orders flooded into Chinese factories.
Plane in blue sky
29 Jul 2014
Positive developments in China’s export space are raising expectations that the recent strong performance of air and ocean cargo volumes will extend into a solid peak season.
16 Jul 2014
The U.S.-Asia ocean container trade increased 2.7 percent to 20 million 20-foot-equivalent units in the 12 months ending March 2014 compared with the prior 12-month period, according to data from PIERS, the data division of JOC Group.
08 Jul 2014
China’s slowly but steadily improving exports trade continues to push container traffic through the country’s top ports, with June throughput growing 7.8 percent year-over-year and fueling optimism that the foreign trade recovery will extend into the second half of the year.
26 Jun 2014
The growth of U.S. exports of containerized distillers dried grains to China has fallen in the last five months.
Shanghai port
06 Jun 2014
Asia’s export growth will bounce off the lows of 2012-13 and still be the envy of the world over the next five years.
China pets
06 Jun 2014
Pet products are a serious and fast growing business in China.
Ocean imports of containerized toys into the United States continued to decline in the first quarter of 2014.
23 May 2014
Though containerized toy imports coming to the United States are down, the toy industry’s bottom line doesn’t seem to be hurting.
15 May 2014
The world’s economic focus during the 1980s and 1990s was trained on the Asian Tigers of Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. Now Argentina’s top agricultural official says the focus is about to shift south.
07 May 2014
U.S. containerized footwear imports plunged 22.4 percent year-over-year in the first quarter of 2014, according to statistics compiled by PIERS, the data division of the JOC Group.
U.S. containerized exports of logs and lumber, 2007-2014
02 May 2014
China’s relentless urbanization will likely keep imports of U.S. containerized logs and lumber brisk in the coming year.
Dr. David Deng
29 Apr 2014
Dr. David Deng, China Merchants Holdings Intl. deputy general manager, on the challenge that carrier alliances bring to terminal operators and CMHI's recent projects supporting developing economies in new regions.
17 Apr 2014
The rise in labor costs in China and other countries has led to the inclusion of more countries in the global supply chain, but a Standard Chartered report argues that the pace of manufacturing’s migration to lower-cost countries will be slow, especially for higher-value goods.
09 Apr 2014
It has been several months since China’s first Pilot Free Trade Zone (Shanghai FTZ) launched in Shanghai, but the shipping and logistics industry is still waiting for more policies to be clarified.
01 Apr 2014
The number of foreign trade containers handled by the Port of Tokyo rose 2.8 percent in 2013 from a year earlier to a new record high of 4.353 million 20-foot-equivalent units, according to preliminary figures released by the Tokyo metropolitan government.
24 Mar 2014
Fifteen years after China initiated its “Going Global” strategy, its trade with the major nations of South America has increased rapidly, and China has become an increasingly large purchaser of South American raw materials, and supplier of loans and investment capital.
12 Mar 2014
Rising labor costs and a shortage of workers in coastal China are two of the most serious problems footwear producers in that country face...
09 Mar 2014
China’s target of 7.5 percent GDP growth in 2014 will be a spur to shipping demand in the coming months, according to one shipping analyst.
Apples with Chinese and U.S. flags on them
19 Feb 2014
U.S. beef, Chinese solar panels, genetically modified corn and U.S. software were high on the agenda at annual trade talks the U.S. and China held in mid-January. Chinese officials also revealed the top item on their agriculture wish list: access to the U.S. market for apples grown in China.
16 Feb 2014
China confounded analysts in January as export and import growth accelerated despite the expected negative impact of Chinese New Year and forecasts of slowing economic expansion.
03 Feb 2014
South Korea’s economy is expected for perform better this year as export demand picks up.
27 Jan 2014
The United States overtook China to become Japan’s biggest export market for the first time in five years in 2013, according to preliminary trade figures released by the Finance Ministry.
Chinese New Year with a "Closed" sign
24 Jan 2014
Although the Lunar New Year holidays do not officially start until the end of the month, factory towns across China’s manufacturing heartland have been powering down this week due to labor shortages or weak order books, hitting export loadings earlier than expected, according to logistics executives.
China’s Market Share of U.S. Imports by Value. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, CEIC, Barclays Research
14 Jan 2014
China’s export competitiveness may be stagnating or eroding in key low-end commodities such as footwear, toys and furniture, but in consumer appliances and electronics, which require more technology in manufacturing, China is increasing its market share, according to a Jan. 7 report by Barclays out of Hong Kong.
13 Jan 2014
The major risks to Asian economic and trade growth this year lie in Europe and the U.S., according to one leading Asia based analyst.
12 Jan 2014
At a recent supply chain conference, Bradley S. Jacobs heard a “financially compelling” case for investing and doing business in his country from former Mexican President Felipe Calderón. “Mexico is positioning to chip into China’s status as one of our major trading partners,” said the chairman and CEO of XPO Logistics.
09 Jan 2014
Shipping lines could find the intra-Asia trades an unhappy hunting ground in 2014 after a similarly tough 2013. But the long-term outlook remains positive.
24 Dec 2013
U.S. apparel imports in the third quarter of 2013 tumbled 17.7 percent year-over-year to 181,126 20-foot-equivalent units, the industry’s steepest decline since 2007.
06 Dec 2013
China’s grip on U.S. footwear imports has been slipping since 2009, leaving room for developing nations to increase their market shares.
07 Nov 2013
The mixed messages evident from China’s latest PMI readings were confirmed by the value of export contracts signed at the Canton Fair, China’s huge import and export jamboree.
18 Oct 2013
The Australian red meat industry sold record amounts of beef and goat meat to China in August. China imported 19 percent of Australia’s total red meat shipments, compared with 4 percent in August 2012.
18 Oct 2013
Chinese consumers soon could be in line for a lot more U.S. pork in mainland grocery stores.